What do people think of the AGO X e-bike?

What do people think of the AGO X e-bike?

Looking for a fun ride that can meet whatever the day throws at you? We've got your back. The AGO X is the ultimate urban all-rounder, an e-bike that will thrill you with intense performance while helping to cover your daily errands, wherever and whatever they may be!

We developed the AGO X around the concept of "putting the fun into functionality", and we're delighted to learn from Tenwayers and reviewers alike, that this is the experience people are having!

TENWAYS' customers and a range of professional, expert critics have been sharing their impressions and perspectives of the AGO X. In today's blog, we present a selection of these views, so that you can get a truly balanced view of this e-bike (nb. to access the reviews and comments in your native language, YouTube and most browsers have convenient translation functions).

Now let's dive in and get the lowdown on the AGO X!



High-quality design and components for an outstanding price

The experts were impressed with its integrated seamless design, functionality and high-quality components. E-BikeNews summarizes the Urban All-Rounder: "With a robust SUV design and a powerful mid-engine, the AGO X promises a versatile riding experience for all-terrain use."

One reviewer from the YouTube channel Emobilist described its design as beautiful with nice cable integration. Like other testers, he highlighted the whole AGO X package as superb value for money; "You would normally get an E-SUV with so many branded components for double the price."


One of our TENWAYERS, Markus G was very pleased about the value of AGO X after his purchase: "I would never have expected such a high quality and value for the price." We're so pleased to hear this feedback as we really want our customers to feel they are getting a great deal with all the premium features this Urban All-rounder offers!


Intelligent technology delivering performance

Freelance journalist and online TV personality, David Lemereis, has not previously tested four bikes from one manufacturer in a single year. With his passion for technology and electric propulsion, David has been impressed with the TENWAYS range and the AGO X is no exception. In this in-depth review, David discloses the high-quality ride and the components working in harmony with one another that make the AGO X such a compelling ride. Amongst the high-quality components, the superb Bafang mid-motor with its torque of 80 Nm is duly recognised.


Combined with the motor's 250 watts of power, Belgian tech site TechPulse confirms the Bafang M410 engine as an ideal match for eMTB, eTrekking and eCargo bikes. Professional bicycle reviewer Rainer Dornburg trialled AGO X in his home environment of the Black Forest area in Germany. He excitedly tested out the 10 speeds from the Shimano drivetrain and complimented AGO X's high-quality lithium LG batteries!

With its top-notch components the AGO X has been rated as extremely strong and agile, thanks to the maximum torque of its motor that has the ability to power uphill rides with a natural riding feel. The intelligence of its integrated torque sensor senses how much support riders need, such as pedalling. Experts also picked up on the motor being pretty quiet, making it great for enjoying the full ambience of both rural and city life.


Added functionality and suitability for off-road, everyday use

Reviewers noted that the renowned TENWAYS urban design seen on previous models had been revamped for everyday use on a variety of terrains. TechPulse describes AGO X as having "a more sporty-looking appearance, characterized by the SR Suntour suspension fork, thicker and more angular frame tubes and large disc brakes at the front and rear with 29-inch wheels." Its super wide handlebars have also pleased our rural testers saying it's great for off-road use.

The spotlight has also been shone on the bike's extra features including its rear carrier, mudguard and aluminium fenders equipping riders for commuting, leisure or country rides. Rainer Dornburg also found the TENWAYS tool package very useful, with it having everything he needs if a breakdown occurs.


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We've been thrilled with all the great feedback from a wide range of TENWAYS customers, and press and bike review experts on the AGO X; its optimized design for everyday use at an unbeatable price was a huge hit. We hope all these honest opinions will help you feel at ease with giving AGO X a try; take it from happy Tenwayer, Peter B, who said, "What an awesome bike. Rides like a dream. Well built and beautiful. Not my first e-bike, but certainly has the best ride and looks. Keep up the good work Tenways!!".

Learn more about the AGO X on our website.

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