Our signature style is quality
Sleek. Seamless. Stylish.
Streamlined Design

A smooth and seamless frame contains all the magic behind an awesome ride.

Concealed Cabling

Every care has been taken to cleverly conceal the connector cables, resulting in clean lines and extra protection for your wiring.

Fine Finish

Superb consistency of finish, from perfectly matched frame and battery paintwork, to superior smooth welding joints.

Streamlined Design
Concealed Cabling
Fine Finish
Master of Fun AGO X
Mid-drive Motor
Built for Intensity
Uncompromising power! The latest Bafang M410 mid-drive motor is tailor made for steep slopes and heavy loads.
80 Nm torque
Integrated torque sensor | Full of power
Portable battery
Ride Beyond the Horizon
Tenacity and true grit! A single battery charge offers up to 100 km of assisted range.
504 Wh
Seamlessly integrated | Large capacity
Shimano 10-speed Drivetrain
Your Authentic Pace
Flexibility maximized! From beginners to avid cyclists, there is always a cadence that works for you.
100% to 430% gear ratio range
Crisp shifting | Exceptional quality
The signature TENWAYS design
An Impeccable Look
Top-level design that perfectly balances aesthetics, practicality, convenience and enormous capacity for fun.
One distinguished style
Sleek looks | Sturdy structure

Designed Around You

A beast on weekends, and a plow horse on weekdays. The AGO X offers enhanced safety and comfort, no matter if you are planning for commuting, or off-road adventure.