We Keep Things Simple

The TENWAYS Affiliate Program is stripped down to the essentials and turns your passion for cycling & e-bikes into hard-earned cash seamlessly.

Who Can Apply

· Publishers
· Bicycle Forums
· Social Media Sites
· Cycling Hobby Sites
· Product Review Sites
· And more…

Why the TENWAYS Affiliate Program?

Great Commission

Earn a 3%-6% commission from all sales driven by you.

Long Cookie Period

Enjoy a 30-day cookie period and never miss earnings.

Simple process

Fill in our application form and start right away.

Free of Charge

Membership is totally free, with no entry fee.

Own Your Account

Watch your account balance grow in real-time.

Promotional Material

Banners, videos, and more, all provided by TENWAYS.

How to Get Started?


Get started by filling out the sign-up form.


Drive traffic to our website, utilizing our promotional materials.


Earn commission when customers purchase within the cookie period.

Receive payment

Start Earning Today

We will reward all validated sales with up to 6% commission.
Sign up for the program and start earning today!

*If you have any questions, please contact us at affiliate@tenways.com.