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Fulfill your passion for cycling and e-bikes with TENWAYS. Earn a commission on qualifying sales through our Affiliate Program. Sign up today.

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Who Can Apply?
  • Publishers
  • Cycling Hobby Sites
  • Bicycle Forums
  • Product Review Sites
  • Social Media Sites
  • Other Content Creators
6 Reasons to Join

Great Commission

Earn a 6% commission from all sales driven by you.

Long Cookie Period

Enjoy a 30-day cookie period and never miss earnings.

Guaranteed Pay-out

View real-time conversion data with affiliate pixel.

Free of Charge

Membership is totally free, with no entry fee.

Simple Process

Fill in our application form and start right away.

Promotional Material

Banners, videos, and more, all provided by TENWAYS.

How to Get Started?


Get started by filling out the sign-up form.


Drive traffic to our website, utilizing our promotional materials.


Earn commissions when customers purchase within the cookie period.

Receive payment through Awin.

How does the TENWAYS Affiliate Program work?

The TENWAYS Affiliate Program works via tracking pixels. When a user clicks through a TENWAYS affiliate link, a cookie is dropped in relation to that action. Once the user completes a sale and reaches the confirmation page of the TENWAYS site, a tracking pixel is fired which ensures a sale is registered within the Awin interface. The publisher is then be awarded the related commission.

What do I need to become a TENWAYS affiliate?

To become a TENWAYS affiliate you need a site, blog, or any other internet presence that can drive traffic to the TENWAYS site. Once you have joined the TENWAYS Affiliate Program, you will gain access to all the links and promotional materials you need to begin affiliate marketing.

Can I become a TENWAYS affiliate if I'm not an Awin publisher?

No, you must join the Awin network via the simple sign-up process. Once approved, you can then apply to join the TENWAYS Affiliate Program.

Can I do TENWAYS affiliate marketing without a website?

Yes, we accept publishers using all social media channels including Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram.

How large is the commission?

We pay at least a 6% commission on any validated sales (excluding delivery charges and VAT) that you drive to the TENWAYS website.

How can I track my traffic and sales?

Once you have been approved into the TENWAYS Affiliate Program and added TENWAYS’ affiliate links to your website, you are able to begin tracking how many clicks and sales you are generating. You will start to earn commission as soon as a user makes a purchase through one of your links, and you'll be able to see this commission in your publisher dashboard within the Awin user interface.

How can I receive the commission?

Awin offers payments via BACS, international wire transfer, or ACH. Awin can pay non-UK bank accounts by international wire transfer, ACH transfer, SEPA transfer, and Domestic payments in NOK, SEK, DKK, PLN, CHF & AUD. Your payment details must be entered into your publisher account within the 'Account' section, via the Payment Details form.

How often will I receive commission?

Awin delivers payment on the 1st and 15th of every month. If you have chosen to be paid once a month, payments are made on the 15th for commissions earned up to the previous 30th. You can follow the payment status of individual transactions within the 'Transactions' report.