Ride the summer with our flagship CGO600

Energized Urban Ride

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A sleek and agile e-bike that let you stand out from the crowd. Onlookers will never know the secrets behind the acceleration.

• Integrated battery

• Responsive sporty geometry

• 15 kg light weight

portable battery


A comfortable step-through e-bike for daily commuting or urban exploration. Long rides will no longer feel exhausting.

• Portable battery

• Relaxed upright geometry

• 19 kg net weight

Your ride. Your choice.

best commuter e-bike
"Absolutely an urban-optimized e-bike."

Top Green Transport News Site

"An impressively smooth pedaling experience."

The Heart of Tech

"Impressive value for money."

Leading Tech Magazine

tech advisor
"Simple, affordable, high performance and low maintenance single speed."

Top E-Bike Review Site

"A blend of value and style that doesn’t scrimp on features."

The Home of Technology News


" Excellent performance! Best thing I’ve ever bought! "

best overall e-bike
Trevor F. @ the US

" It feels solid but light at the same time. It's light enough to easily throw over the tailgate of a pickup. "

new e-bike
Dana C. @ Italy

" What an acceleration...amazing. "

fast commuter e-bike

" Can’t stay away from riding this beast! "

Justin K. @the Netherlands

" The bike was so much easier to ride and performed very well. I shaved off 25 minutes from a previously 70-minute commute. "

short trip e-bike

" Excellent bike. Even better service! "

lightweight e-bike

" The acceleration is simply amazing! "