Celebrate TENWAYS' tree triumph – over 10,000 planted by you!

Celebrate TENWAYS' tree triumph – over 10,000 planted by you!

TENWAYS is dedicated to keeping our environment sustainable for generations to come, and getting our riders actively involved, too! Our cycling community and the e-bikes they ride are definitely a pedal in the right direction – each two-wheeled journey helps reduce the number of fossil-fueled vehicles on the road! But we asked ourselves, what could we do to boost Tenwayers' efforts even more? That's why in March 2022, we partnered with tree planting champions, Just One Tree (JOT), an organisation that plays a crucial role in keeping the air we breathe fresh and clean.



10,000+ air-cleaning trees

Now, only 17 months later, we have a triumph to share with our Tenwayers. Thanks to your support and contributions, over 10,000 trees have been planted in JOT's global forest. For each TENWAYS e-bike sold, we and JOT committed to planting a tree on your behalf. The union between us all is one of excitement. Not many can celebrate planting that many trees – 10,000+ and counting – a figure that has also reduced over 3,000 tonnes of CO2. Not bad for pedal power! But hang on. There's even more to celebrate.


More than just trees

The partnership with Just One Tree has additional benefits. Wildlife is protected, as trees offer homes and shelter to woodland animals. Planting the trees also helps boost rural employment and creates discussion points so that future generations are aware of, and engaged with environmental concerns. Our coastlines, oceans, and local water reserves are protected and kept cleaner, just like the air that we all share. Of course, none of this would have been possible without our Tenwayers, a cycling community who are recharged and switched on, just like the e-bikes they ride.



Our love for the planet

TENWAYS has strong values that we abide by, and we encourage others to follow us in our sustainability quest. We are working towards zero-emission manufacturing, a commitment that will help to combat climate change. The e-bikes that we produce help riders replace the need for car journeys, and this too protects the planet. And then there's our TENWAYS community. We love hearing your stories, seeing your trips and finding that e-biking is high on your agenda – so much so that the Green Rider Club is here to reward you further. To put it simply, we like to think green and ride green.

TENWAYS are also big supporters of Earth Day, an encounter we've written about in previous blog posts. Global deforestation needs to be challenged head-on, as every year millions of hectares are destroyed by reckless human activity. With your help, we are dedicated to replenishing our forests because our Earth is worth fighting for. The partnership with Just One Tree is a key part of our mission to take care of the planet and give back to society.



Thank you

We want to thank our Tenwayers for all their support for the local and wider community. One way to show our thanks is to keep donating to Just One Tree with every TENWAYS e-bike purchase that is made. Another way is for us at TENWAYS to keep listening to what you like about our e-bikes, ensuring that we continue producing a range that accomplishes everything you'd like them to do. We aim to ensure as many people as possible have access to fun, eco-friendly ways to get around!

So, let's all shift towards a greener society and a clearer, cleaner future. Let us take you on a journey to become part of an empowered, eco-friendly e-bike community.

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