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Earn 200 Rider Points just by joining the Green Rider Club today.

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Show Us Your Way

Special rewards are waiting for the Tenwayers who can shoot amazing videos/photos with their TENWAYS e-bike in a very creative way. We love to see all themes and formats: storytelling, vlog, and even movie shorts! Think outside of the box and shoot it your way!

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How do I earn Rider Points?

There are more than ten ways to earn Rider Points. You get 1 Rider Point for every €1 spent, and can also earn by sharing our website link and following our social channels. The best way to earn is to publicly post videos and photos across various social media channels and tag the TENWAYS official account.

How do I check my Rider Points balance?

You can check your Rider Points balance by logging in your account at the top of this page.

How do I notify you about manually adding points?

Please kindly contact us via Facebook messenger or Instagram direct message, and provide us with your TENWAYS account info and the actions you completed. We will attend to you as soon as possible, and add the Rider Points you earned to your account manually within one week. 

How long does it take for Rider Points to reach my account?

Rider Points will take a short time to reach your account, even when automatically added. In any case where manual points are awarded, we aim to do so within a week.

Can I earn Rider Points if I bought my TENWAYS e-bike from a dealer?

Yes, and it is quite easy! Just contact our customer support at support@tenways.com, and send us your proof of purchase, we will manually add the Rider Points to your TENWAYS account within a week.

Please kindly be reminded that you can only get Rider Points after 14 days of purchase.

How do I post pictures to earn points?

Capture your most amazing moments with your TENWAYS e-bike, and share them publicly on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest, with the hashtag #tenwaysebike, #tenwaysmyways and #sharingiscaring and tag the official TENWAYS account. 500 Rider Points will be awarded, and a maximum of 1000 points can be earned per month.

How do I post videos to earn points?

Record your favorite moments creatively with your TENWAYS e-bike in a video, and post it publicly on YouTube with the hashtag #tenwaysebike, #tenwaysmyways and #sharingiscaring. Include "TENWAYS E-Bike" in the title and tag our official account so we won't miss out on your entry. 5000 Rider Points will be awarded, and a maximum of 5000 points can be earned per month.

How do I redeem my Rider Points?

The points can be directly used at checkout.

How can I earn Rider Points by making a referral?

Simply click here and you will get your exclusive referral link with a €50 coupon code. when your friend purchases an e-bike with the link, you will get 5000 rider points as a reward. the rider points will be issued 30 days after the your friend places an order.

Do Rider Points expire?

Your Rider Points will expire after 12 months.

Is there a limit to the number of Rider Points I can use?

You can use up to 10,000 points per order, which is worth €100.