Ride worry-free for years to come, knowing you're covered
At TENWAYS, we believe e-biking is a must-have for positive, sustainable lifestyles. Protecting your e-bikes is important; to help bring you peace of mind, we’ve searched out some of the best two-wheeler insurance providers.
Special Offer
Ride worry-free with QOVER insurance.

Qover offers theft and damage insurance for e-bikes in 11 European countries. They promise 24/7 support for all customers. Please fill in the discount code TENWAYS15 to get the special offer.

Laka makes insurance fair, not fixed.

Laka uses a people-powered insurance subscription to make insurance fair, not fixed. They offer theft and damage insurance in 5 European countries.

Get insured with FahrSicherung

Nominated as one of the best e-bike insurers, FahrSicherung offers comprehensive insurance packages for all types of e-bikes. They only operate in Germany and Austria.

Get insured with BikePlan

BikePlan offers comprehensive theft and damage insurance for all types of bicycles and e-bikes in the Czech Republic. Buyers of TENWAYS can use the code TENWAYS to benefit from an additional 2 months of insurance cover on top of their 1 year insurance.

Types of Insurance
Theft protection

Get a full or partial refund from your insurance provider in the case of an e-bike theft.

Material damage
Material damage protection

Let your insurer cover the repair costs in the case of accident, vandalism, and other external events (depending on the provider’s specific terms and conditions).

More options
More options coming

We are actively researching additional insurance service providers, to bring you further options in the future.

What is theft insurance?

The insurance provider insures the bike against theft and damage caused by theft in the event of theft or attempted theft, as well as theft or attempted theft further to assault.

What is material damage insurance?

Material damage insurance covers your bike for the following incidences:

1. Accidental damage caused by external forces or by yourself;

2. Damage caused by vandalism;

3. Damage caused by contact with animals or by natural events such as fire or flood.

*The detailed conditions may vary between different insurance providers. Please check their terms carefully before purchasing, to ensure the policy will meet your needs.

How can I purchase insurance for my e-bike?

You can click here to buy Qover insurance directly on our website and enjoy a 15% discount. Alternatively, you can buy insurance from Laka or FahrSicherung on their official websites.

What is the relationship between TENWAYS and the insurance providers?

TENWAYS and any insurance provider are two mutually independent entities. The insurance providers' services are presented on our website for enhanced TENWAYS customer experience, on behalf of the providers. The terms and obligations of the insurance contract will solely be borne by the respective insurance providers.

Who shall I contact if I have some questions about the specific insurance products?

If you have any questions before or after purchasing insurance, please contact the customer support of the respective insurance company.