The Benefits for You

If your employer has joined one of our e-bike leasing schemes, you can ride a TENWAYS e-bike with monthly payments and lots of extra benefits!

· Additional tax savings

The majority of corporate e-bike leasing schemes include a tax subsidy, meaning savings for you!

· Small, easy instalments

Minimum strain on your cash flow.

· Healthy lifestyle boost

Include exercise in your commute, with ease!

Your Choice of E-Bike Leasing Programs

  • JobRad transforms bikes for companies.

    With JobRad, employers can provide their staff with high-quality bicycles and e-bikes on favorable terms.

    Expore more

More options will be coming soon...

How can I lease a TENWAYS e-bike?

Choose the leasing company your employer works with and fill in all the necessary information on the application form. You will then receive a quote from the service provider's website. Once your order has been approved by your employer and service provider, we will begin the process of delivering your new e-bike to your door.

How can I check the progress of my order approval?

Please email us at

Who shall I ask if I have questions about contract terms and pricing?

Please contact the respective leasing company for help; you will find their contact details on their respective websites.