What is Personal Bike Lease?

Personal Bike Lease allows you, as an individual, to lease a TENWAYS e-bike and enjoy the benefits and freedom of a comprehensive bicycle leasing solution.

With Personal Bike Lease's private leasing solution, you rent a brand new bike for 36 months, complete with 24/7 breakdown assistance throughout the Benelux, annual maintenance, and optimum insurance against damage and theft!

* TENWAYS and Personal Bike Lease (PBL) are two separate entities. If interested, you can learn more about PBL’s offer here.

How does it work?

· Use the form below to select the bike of your choice and complete the form with your details.

· Personal Bike Lease will then contact you with a leasing proposal for the TENWAYS e-bike of your choice.

· If you agree, you will need to provide the necessary documents for credit acceptance.

· Upon acceptance, you can sign the contract and the deposit will be collected.

· Once the deposit has been received, Personal Bike Lease will forward your order to TENWAYS.

· TENWAYS will deliver the bike to your home and the 36-month lease contract will start.

Can anyone lease a bike?

Only individuals for whom the credit commission of Personal Bike Lease gives a positive recommendation can lease a bicycle with Personal Bike Lease. If your evaluation is deemed positive, you will receive the contracts for signing with Personal Bike Lease. Only after all formalities are complete will you receive an email from Personal Bike Lease containing the signed contracts and a link to schedule the delivery of your bike.

When does my contract start?

The delivery of your bike marks the start date of the contract. Following the delivery, you will receive an insurance certificate from Personal Bike Lease.

How do I use the bike?

Personal Bike Lease expects you to always use your bike correctly, clean it regularly, inflate the tires, and follow all applicable traffic rules. It is strictly forbidden to modify the bike. If, during the annual maintenance or upon return at the end of the contract, it is found that the bicycle has been altered, all costs to restore the bike to its original state will be charged to you.

Can my family ride a bike?

This is permitted, but you remain responsible for it in all cases.

How do I request my annual maintenance?

Maintenance can be requested from Service Bike via https://servicebike.be/nl/home/

How do I apply for bicycle assistance?

You can request assistance via the general number of Personal Bike Lease: +32 (0)3 871 93 69.

Always provide your surname, first name, and contract number so that the assistance team can easily locate your contract!

How do I make a claim under warranty?

You can make a warranty claim with Service Bike via https://servicebike.be/nl/home/

How do I pay my monthly lease fee?

The monthly lease rate is collected via a direct debit mandate. The money is automatically transferred to Personal Bike Lease every month.

What is the process in case of damage or theft of my bike?

"You must always report damage or theft of your bike via https://form.jotform.com/222192934718360. After registration you will receive further instructions.

In the event of theft, you must always have a PV drawn up by the police. You must be able to prove that the bike was locked with the anti-theft lock, was attached to a fixed object and you have both keys to the anti-theft lock.

Do I own the bike during the lease period?

No, Personal Bike Lease is the owner of the bike that makes it available to you for the duration of the lease period.

Can I resell the bike during the contract?

No! This action is strictly prohibited as long as the lease contract with Personal Bike Lease is in effect. Engaging in such activity will result in legal proceedings being initiated.

Can I terminate the contract during the term?

If you wish to terminate the contract during the term, please contact Personal Bike Lease. The general contractual conditions apply.

How do I contact Personal Bike Lease?

You can always contact Personal Bike Lease during office hours. Preferably you contact us by e-mail at info@personalbikelease.be. You can also contact us by phone at +32 (0)3 871 93 69

Can I return or take over the bike at the end of the contract?

Please always contact Personal Bike Lease for this request.