• #Leading US eBike Media @ Florida

    “Absolutely an urban-optimized e-bike.”

    Aug 25, 2021
  • #The Heart of Tech @ Amsterdam

    “Extremely smooth power delivery. ”

    June 21, 2021
  • #Trusted Tech Website @ London

    “There's a lot to like about the Tenways CGO 600.”

    Sep 01, 2021
  • #Popular Tech Blog Network @ Vienna

    “You can breeze past serious cyclists while barely breaking a sweat.”

    Aug 31, 2021

Avis Express - Testeur High-Tech @ France

Size: M
Color: Lime Green

Le vélo propose une transmission par courroie Gates Carbon, une apparence furtive qui ne trahit pas sa nature électrique, un poids de 15 kg et l'un des les expériences de pédalage les plus douces de tous les vélos électriques que j'ai conduits.

Andreagaleazzi.com @ Italy

Size: M
Color: Lime Green

Mi è piaciuto tantissimo il sensore di coppia sui pedali che permette al motore di farvi sentire sempre i 40Nm di coppia ma sempre in maniera fluida, morbida.

Electric Revolution @ the US

Size: M
Color: Light Grey

This is a step-up from other electric road bikes I’ve tested, with better brake, more power, and magnetic torque sensor that gives power as needed.

Soldier Knows Best @ the US

Size: M
Color: Light Grey

This is the most natural-feeling pedal assist I have ever used on an electric bike.

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