How does it work?

If your employer already works with JobRad…

  • Create an account on your company's myJobRad portal, or login if you already have one.
  • Follow the instructions to place your order, and you will receive a binding offer once your order is confirmed.
  • As soon as you receive your bike, the contract will come into effect after you enter your PIN at the myJobRad portal.

If your employer does not yet work with JobRad…

  • Inform JobRad by clicking here.
  • JobRad will contact your employer as soon as possible.
  • Once your employer starts working with JobRad, you can follow the instructions above to lease an e-bike.

JobRad Calculator

Evaluate your savings in just a few clicks

What is JobRad?

JobRad is the company bike leasing model from JobRad GmbH. It works in a similar way to the familiar company car leasing scheme - only with bicycles and e-bikes instead of cars. Employees simply and conveniently purchase their favourite bike through their employer and save money in the process.

Ulrich Prediger founded the company in 2008 as LeaseRad GmbH to encourage more people to cycle in their everyday lives. Find out more about Jobrad.

What is the benefit of leasing a TENWAYS e-bike through JobRad?

The monthly leasing instalments are taken from your gross salary. Leasing through your employer is on average 40% cheaper than a private purchase. The net deduction from your salary starts from as low as €54 a month spread over a period of 36 months.

Why is JobRad cheaper than direct purchase?

Especially because company bikes are subsidised for tax purposes!

How does it work? With JobRad per salary conversion, part of the employee's salary entitlement is converted into a non-cash benefit. This reduces the taxable income for both the employee and the employer. The resulting non-cash benefit is taxable for the employee - but only at 0.25% of the gross list price since 2020.

You can find out how a JobRad affects taxes and social security contributions for you as an employee by entering your data in JobRad Calculator.


Are you already registered in your employer's myJobRad portal? Then use the JobRad Calculator on the home page of your company's myJobRad portal: the conditions specially adapted to your employer's JobRad offer are stored there.

How long is the leasing period?

The leasing period is 36 months. The installments will be deducted from your gross salary monthly until the end of this period.

Which employment relationships are not eligible for JobRad?

The individual leasing contract for a JobRad always has a term of 36 months. JobRad's leasing is therefore not suitable for all employees - for example, if it is foreseeable that you will not be able to fulfil the contract term.

The following points are recommendations. It is always up to the employer to decide who in the company is authorised to use a JobRad.

JobRad is not recommended for, among others:

-Employees on probation
-Temporary workers
-Mini- and midi-jobbers
-Employees who receive minimum wage
-Employees who are planning to take (early) retirement in less than three years, take extended parental leave or take a sabbatical.

How do I calculate my personal savings?

Employees can calculate their instalments and potential savings with the help of JobRad Calculator. You can find a detailed example calculation with explanations in this video.

Self-employed people can calculate their instalments using leasing instalment calculator. Unfortunately, it is not possible to calculate the possible tax savings with this, as the individual tax advantage for a JobRad for the self-employed depends on the individual turnover and tax rate. We advise customers to consult their tax advisor.

Tip: Are you already registered on your employer's myJobRad portal? Then use the benefits calculator on the home page of your company's myJobRad portal: The conditions specially adapted to your employer's JobRad offer are stored there.

What happens if I leave my employer?

Depending on the situation, there are different options. It is best to discuss the possibilities with your employer. You can find more information here.

Can I add TENWAYS Insurance to my JobRad order?

No, it is not possible to add our insurance to the offer. JobRad has its own insurance against theft, accidents and damage, which is included in the leasing package.

Can I add accessories to my JobRad order?

No, but you can purchase the accessories yourself here.

I have already bought a e-bike from you. Can I use this order for leasing via JobRad?

Unfortunately, no. The only option here would be to cancel your order and place a new order through JobRad.

Do I have to pay for delivery when I lease an e-bike from JobRad?

Yes. The shipping fee for CARGO ONE is 99€. The shipping fee for other e-bikes is 39€.

What is the return policy for leased e-bikes?

For leased e-bikes, we offer a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy, with original packaging required. The customer must bear the following costs if the delivered e-bike has no quality issues:
1. The shipping costs in case of refused delivery.
2. The shipping costs in case of product return after accepting delivery.

In the event of a quality issue, TENWAYS will bear the shipping costs.

For any specific questions or additional inquiries about JobRad, please refer to the JobRad FAQ section.

Please click here to find more information and you could also get JobRad's contact details here.