TENWAYS X Paris Internationale: Collaborating with amazing artists

TENWAYS X Paris Internationale: Collaborating with amazing artists

Our recent collaboration with Paris Internationale (PI) brought together five exceptional artists to reimagine our CGO600 Pro electric bike. This event, hosted in the heart of the global art capital, Paris, aligns with the city’s ambition to be fully cyclable by 2026. These artists breathed new life into our bikes, showcasing the incredible benefits of e-biking for individuals, communities, and the planet. Join us as we uncover the fascinating journeys and inspirations behind these TENWAYS art pieces!


Vintage kaleidoscope of colors and textures meets 21st century cutting edge design

First up is @desiremohebzandi a textile artist specializing in weaving, painting and sculptures. She really connected with the joyful spirit of TENWAYS, and the ways in which cycling makes people happy. She enjoys riding our bikes as they make her feel more free-spirited and are super fun to travel around with.

She transformed the CGO600 Pro into her own creative universe with a range of interesting textile manipulations, textures and bright colors. The front of the bike was a lively design, with a textile collage surrounding its wheel. The rear part was inspired by 1930s Low Rider motorbikes, with a long, soft seat, and a beautiful multi-colored fabric sculpture over the rear wheel.



An exuberant vegetal paradise that confronts urban environmental issues

Next up is @s.a.r.a.h.v.a.l.e.n.t.e, a photographer and visual artist whose immersive art challenges people to learn about nature from a different perspective. She cites her travels and the vegetal world as being her main inspirations.

Her amazing customization paid tribute to the exuberant and colorful vegetal world with her Asian travel experiences. From these travels she recalls seeing numerous bikes carrying all sorts of wonderful elements of nature against contrasting backdrops of urban development like pollution.



An angelic skyline that glistens for future generations

@alireza.shojaian is an visual artist who creates figurative drawings aiming to fight societal prejudice against LGBTQIA+ people while making space for non-heteronormative masculine identities. Cycling reminds him of stories from his childhood, and today he visualizes them as a great example of trying to provide a healthier planet for future generations.

He’s nicely airbrushed his TENWAYS bike by spraying it with bright and vivid colors. The frame was magically customized with a blue sky full of shining gold stars, addressing a hopeful vision of a healthier planet. In this video, he explains all his creative thoughts behind this stunning design in more detail, and talks about what cycling and TENWAYS bikes mean to him.



An antique hearse evoking transformation for a more sustainable planet

bondi_bianca is a artist who creates mesmerizing work THROUGH chemical reactions, with mostly salt water, and second-hand objects that are associated with historical periods or auras, highlighting connections between physical and spiritual worlds. She especially loves the slick, streamlined designs of TENWAYS bikes as well as their light weight and durability.

Her CGO600 Pro design is inspired by intricately decorated antique hearse carriages from Western culture, and the theme of transformation and rebirth. She used salt in her work as a purification tool and as a metaphor for transformation. As it has been created with, and carries salt in its basket, the e-bike acts as a hearse that spreads purification, in its efforts to transform the world with sustainable travel.



A child-like inspired explosion of fun that merges into everyday life

Finally, Picardomario is a artist that creates abstract and figurative paintings with flashy colors and interesting textures, using American expressionism from comics, cartoons and video games. His favorite things about TENWAYS bikes are their super lightweight feel and user-friendliness.

The idea behind his CGO600 Pro customization was that it was originally a miniature toy that magically turned into human size. For this, he sprayed the bike with glitter and plaster-textured paint to give it a thick, flecked appearance with big blocks of color that beautifully transformed it into something out of a cartoon. He wanted the CGO600 Pro to reflect his vibrant work as much as possible but also remain super functional for him to use whenever and wherever in his daily lifestyle.



Looking ahead to a bright future of exciting TENWAYS creative displays

That’s a wrap on our amazing Paris Internationale X TENWAYS show! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about out this amazing art as much as we have! This collaboration with the Parisian art community greatly captured the public’s interest through the outstanding talents of 5 unique artists from different backgrounds. It was a spectacular example of our brand ethos of diversity and sustainability, showcasing how our bikes enable users to express themselves whatever their personal style, with easy, fun travel, that leads the way for a healthier planet. Looking ahead to a bright future, we hope that more people take part in cultural exchanges like this to boost our communities with more creativity and vitality. Keep an eye out for more stunning TENWAYS displays to come!

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