Introducing the Red Dot Design Award winner, CGO600 Pro!

Introducing the Red Dot Design Award winner, CGO600 Pro!

We're thrilled to announce that after a spectacular awards season at the start of 2024, we have yet another award to add to the TENWAYS trophy cabinet! Our very own lightweight champion, the CGO600 Pro, has won the Red Dot Award for its outstanding quality and design, beating numerous entries from companies and design studios around the world to receive outstanding recognition from the world of product design and beyond! Read on to find out more about the significance of this award and what's next for TENWAYS in celebration of this superb achievement!


Celebrating a big achievement for our CGO600 Pro e-bike

The CGO600 Pro is our 16kg lightweight commuter e-bike that has been a hit with customers, reviewers and the press for its premium ergonomic design, intuitive riding experience and agile performance on city streets. The Red Dot award marks a significant milestone for this bike, as its high-quality design has been highlighted with acclaim by experts in the world of product design!

For us at TENWAYS, this is yet more phenomenal praise for our e-bikes from product design experts. The news of the CGO600 Pro follows on from its comfortable CGO sibling, the CGO800S, which recently won the award for outstanding product design at the prestigious German Design Awards, with the judges describing the CGO800S as the perfect electric bike for everyday use thanks to its combination of practical, user-friendly technology, stunning looks and super-comfortable components.


About Red Dot & the Red Dot Design award

Red Dot is a well-established awarding body & magazine that seeks out the very best in design and business, and has been doing so for over 60 years, since 1955! Each year they run one of the world's largest and most sought-after design competitions, giving companies from a wide range of industries the opportunity to submit their products for judging by a panel of experts who decide which should receive the distinction of a 'Red Dot Design Award'. Over 51 different product categories are judged, from fashion and accessories to consumer electronics, vehicles, household appliances and furniture. Red Dot also has its own museums in Essen, Germany, Singapore & Xiamen, China, where the work of Red Dot award winners is exhibited to the general public.

Product design is one of three categories in which companies can win a Red Dot Award, and to win, Red Dot states that its jury "may select a product that is visually appealing, functional, smart or innovative, but what all winning products have in common is their outstanding design". With this special achievement, the TENWAYS CGO600 Pro also receives the Red Dot Winner Label, which distinguishes it on the global stage as having high praise from the design world.


Stay tuned for updates on the success of the CGO600 Pro Red Dot Award.

TENWAYS and its lightweight champion e-bike will be officially presented with the Red Dot Award at the Red Dot Designer's Night on 24 June in Essen, Germany. Their achievements will be featured in the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2023/24 and proudly displayed in the museum in Essen, cementing their place in product design history! Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting achievement.

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