Surviving the splash: e-bike riding in wet weather

Surviving the splash: e-bike riding in wet weather

Many people ask us, "Is it OK to ride an e-bike in the rain?" This is a totally logical question, given that e-bikes contain electrical components, and it's well-known that water poses a threat to electrical items. The short answer is "Yes!" – but read on for more details on how best to prepare for wet-weather e-biking.

There are two things that need looking after when cycling in the rain; the rider and the bike! The rain doesn't mean you need to put your bike away completely, and you don't need to get cold and wet - it is much easier than you might think. Although we don't recommend cycling in excessive rain, or keeping your e-bike exposed to wet weather on a constant basis, with a few simple steps you can safely cycle on rainy days. Follow our top tips for protecting your e-bike and keeping yourself dry in the rain, to keep both you and your e-bike rolling for years to come!


Wet-weather preparation for e-bikes

Before heading out on a rainy day, it's a good idea to check and adjust your tires. To increase the surface area of the tire, you can lower the pressure a little; the increased amount of rubber coming into contact with the road helps to keep you on track. All of the TENWAYS range come with quality, durable tires. The CGO600, for example, comes with 700C CST puncture-proof tires as standard, which are great for all-weather riding.

TENWAYS e-bikes also come with paired mudguards as standard or as an option, depending on the model. Mudguards are essential for protecting your front, back, and posterior from the spray coming from the road, and also block much of the water and debris getting to the downtubes of the bike's frame, which means easier washing of clothes and bike frames!



You're likely aware that bike chains need to be kept greased to perform well in the rain and keep protected from the elements. But here lies one huge advantage of the TENWAYS range. With the exception of the SUV-like AGO X, there is no chain! TENWAYS models are driven by a Gates carbon belt, which is super-robust and reliable, and crucially needs no lubrication and very little cleaning. That's one less thing to worry about!

When it rains, the sky is darker and so are our roads and cycle paths. This means lighting up for better visibility and enhanced safety. Bright clothing – ideally fluorescent – is a definite recommendation, but how about the bike? That needs lighting up too. The TENWAYS range comes with a hardwired LED front light, and either integrated or detachable rear lights, giving great visibility in the dark and in the rain.



When your rainy-day riding is over, it's best to give the bike a good wipe-down at the end of the ride. Don't be tempted to use a high-pressure spray for your e-bike, though. Although all TENWAYS e-bikes are designed to be water-resistant, the force of a hose could damage the electrical parts. Instead, use a damp cloth to remove dirt from the surface, and keep your bike in a dry place when not in use.


Weather-protecting yourself

Keeping the bike's seat dry is a really good tip. Leaving the saddle exposed to the rain, even for a short time, can result in more uncomfortable riding, so TENWAYS recommends a seat cover to reduce the possibility of a saddle sore!

We've already mentioned the importance of bright clothing, but there are other considerations too. Helmets are a vital accessory for bike riding of any kind, but they come with air vents that are exposed to the elements. A simple dry cap can be worn underneath the helmet to keep the head dry and keep you warmer in the colder months.

Protective glasses are worn by many, ideal for stopping dirt and debris from flicking up into the eyes, especially common in the rain. Wraparound glasses are available, and these offer the best protection from rain spray.



A waterproof jacket is possibly the most important accessory for keeping dry. Just because it's raining doesn't mean that it is cold, however. A breathable waterproof jacket for the warmer and colder months is therefore recommended by TENWAYS; the same applies to waterproof trousers.

Aside from the jacket, other waterproof clothing tips that we have to mention include durable, seasonal gloves, waterproof footwear or shoe covers, and for those all-important commuting or cargo tasks, a waterproof bag cover. TENWAYS mudflaps will keep the bag dry to some extent, but a waterproof cover will finish the task completely.


Explore the options

Ready to hit the road, despite the dark and cloudy sky? Check out the TENWAYS website for a look at our awesome range of e-bikes, all perfect for wet weather riding.

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