Guide to Premium Support: TENWAYS Service Center

Guide to Premium Support: TENWAYS Service Center

Like any vehicle, e-bikes need to be maintained through time, and fixed, if any issues were to occur. Before making that buying decision, it’s always good to ensure you have cycling specialists nearby that you can rely on and meet with, to troubleshoot or address any concerns you may have about your electric ride. In-person assistance with a trained expert is a great way to keep you and your e-bike as happy as possible, especially after purchase.


Find the nearest TENWAYS assistance to you

Availability of brand assistance locally is a concern for many, and can put riders off ordering an electric bike, as they worry about not being able to get help for any breakdowns, maintenance, or repairs. This won't be an issue for those living close to our growing network of 100+ certified TENWAYS service centers. And for those who don’t currently live near one, stay tuned for new TENWAYS reps popping up near you, as we regularly welcome new partners on board. Our new service website pages have search functions that enable riders to find their nearest regional assistance, after simply entering their postal code or city name. We always recommend calling our service centers in advance before visits, to help them prepare as much as possible. 



About TENWAYS service centers

At TENWAYS we have long been proud of our exceptional customer service standards, and that includes our valued regional reps that represent us, giving riders the best TENWAYS customer service locally. Our valued service centers take care of maintenance, repair and other warranty services, and will put your mind at ease by helping you keep your ride as healthy as possible for long-term use. 


TENWAYS warranty

For anyone looking to purchase an e-bike, it's always good to have a look at the warranty policy, so you can understand what is, and what isn't covered, if anything were to happen with your bike. You can learn more about our warranty policy here

At TENWAYS, we stand by the quality of our e-bikes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty that covers electronic parts and non-wear and tear components. We understand that individual needs may vary, and we are flexible in accommodating them. Even beyond the warranty period, our commitment to exceptional customer experience remains unwavering. Customers are welcome to purchase components directly from us to address any issues with their e-bikes, ensuring continued satisfaction.

Whether you purchase online or offline, rest assured that you enjoy the same warranty services. For offline purchases, our dedicated dealers serve as the initial point of contact. We recommend reviewing our policy to familiarize yourself with the details and make the most of your TENWAYS e-bike experience.



TENWAYS online assistance

If you are unsure about any issues with your bike, we always recommend contacting our support team first and taking it to your local service center. Please remember, for a smoother experience, always make a reservation before the visit, ensuring you get prompt attention from a trained cycling professional for the best assistance. However you may be able to find answers to general e-bike questions online; our blog has best practice information for e-bikes including battery safety, safety-proofing your e-bike, as well as lots of tips to help you get the most fun out of your ride! We also have a Facebook group, where TENWAYS riders can all share knowledge, and the joys of e-biking with each other. Plus, our online customer support team is always on hand to answer any questions.



TENWAYS' promise to customers

At TENWAYS we're super proud to deliver high-quality products with a strong customer service network, offline and online, and believe it goes a long way in bringing great value for money for our riders. Our aim is always to continuously upgrade our products and services for the best customer experience, and to keep building on our happy community of Tenwayers, so many more can enjoy the many delights of owning and riding our e-bikes.

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