Safety Proofing Your E-bike: Best Practice!

Safety Proofing Your E-bike: Best Practice!

With e-bikes becoming increasingly popular in recent years, a wide range of safety questions have followed, from 'Are e-bikes safe to ride?' to 'What should I do when there's a noise coming from my e-bike?'. Fire hazards are another concern - understandably so, thanks to periodic news of e-bike-related fires due to unsafe charging and storage.

As all e-bikes include batteries, it is crucial that users understand how to be safe with them, and to have knowledge about the safety of other e-bike components. We've put together this guide that covers the basics in keeping you and your electric ride safe with tips on fire prevention, finding the right two-wheeled partner for your size, e-bike noise solutions, and basic safety guidance. At TENWAYS, with our high-quality products and support system, we're here to give you the best service, all so you can feel more relaxed with your electric bike, whether it's on the road or at home!


Fire prevention

The first safety step is to do a little homework. Purchase a quality brand from a reputable dealer, and register your bike to validate any warranties – having first checked that the warranty covers the battery. This way, if there are any issues, you're covered. We also advise checking e-bike guidance from your local safety fire advisory body, or this is a good checklist if that isn't an option. Battery charging, storage, disposal and purchasing are big factors to consider. As most e-bikes are powered by lithium-ion batteries that can be charged at home, it is vital to do it safely to avoid risk. Check out our 4 basic battery care guidelines for maintaining battery health and enhancing ride longevity.



TENWAYS battery support

At TENWAYS we are proud to provide high-quality, lightweight lithium batteries that give outstanding performance and safety to all our bikes. They come with a 2-year warranty, and if you need a battery replacement past this period, you can always buy a replacement from us. Our power banks are also fully committed to extending your journey securely.


Finding the right fit

When it comes to safe riding, size really does matter for a comfortable, enjoyable and, above all, safe ride! Take a look at our article on choosing the perfect size for your ride. E-bike weight also plays a part in your safety. Some e-bikes can be notoriously heavy, which can make mounting and dismounting safely more difficult. The TENWAYS CGO800S's step-through frame tackles this problem, while our lightweight CGO600 and CGO600 Pro models are at the lower end of the e-bike weight range at a super-sleek 15 and 16 kg, respectively.

If you have any questions about the weight or sizing specs of our models, feel free to contact our TENWAYS customer service team, who'd be happy to help with any queries you have. We have quick and easy online customer support portal on our website here.



Back to basics

Going back to basics with safety checks is always a good starting point. We advise riders to carefully read user manuals and familiarize themselves with introductory info about how an e-bike works, and resources like our how-to blogs are a great way to expand your knowledge! Even after becoming confident with the basics, safety should always be prioritized, and we recommend riders always do regular safety checks before riding. Here's some advice on safe daily riding, such as being super alert to your surroundings, using cycle lanes, dressing you and your e-bike suitably, and more.


E-bike noises

Taking notice of any squeaks or other sounds coming from your e-bike is also another safety angle to pay attention to. Noises may come from many components, including the chain, crank, derailleur, pedals, saddle, or thru axle or quick release. We've put together a quick lowdown of some more common noises, what the cause might be, and some simple solutions. However, if you're ever unsure about anything please get in touch with your local bike dealer to help you fix the issue safely in person.


Squeaking sounds 


Part Name




Wheel not seated or aligned properly

1. Ensure wheel is properly seated in the dropouts, and adjust if necessary.

2. With the bike lifted off the floor, spin the wheel freely to check for wobble. If you notice this, we advise taking to your local bike shop so they can 'true', or align, the wheel.

Please remember: e-bike brakes should NEVER be lubricated



Too dry

Needs to be cleaned & lubricated well


Possible loose bolt

Grab the crank arm (the part that connects your pedals to your e-bike) and attempt to wiggle it. If it goes from side to side, it needs tightening; this can be done with a suitably sized hex key.


Pulley wheels possibly too dry

Needs to be cleaned & lubricated well


Too dry, or washer needing replacement

1. Remove pedals and grease the spindles to make sure they are well lubricated.

2. Make sure that the washer between the pedal and the crank arm is in good condition; replace if necessary.



Saddle clamp needs to be tightened

1. Use suitably sized hex key to tighten bolt(s) that join the saddle to the saddle clamps.

2. If it tips backwards & forward and squeaks, it may need replacing.


Thru axle or quick release

Creaking and/or squeaking indicate it may be too dry

Remove from the frame, clean with a dry cloth, then grease it.


Clicking and creaking sounds

Most clicking or creaking sounds indicate that professional attention is needed, so we recommend that you take your e-bike to your local bike shop for assessment.



TENWAYS: high quality rides and support that riders can trust

Our vision is making high quality e-bikes as accessible as possible, with the best urban biking experience. We understand that our rides feeling safe is an important aspect of that, so we've created them with a premium design at a comfortable price point, so riders can really feel at ease with their purchase by getting great value for money, from high-quality components & performance.

Our service doesn't end at purchase, either. We proudly remain committed to helping our customers get the most out of their ride with our after-sales service system, including battery warranty and component replacements. As a global brand, we remain committed to delivering quick and comprehensive customer support both online and in-store. With a strong network of hundreds of dealers and service centres across Europe, our Tenwayers can easily reach out for assistance at nearby locations, whenever their e-bikes need maintenance or assessment. Our riders' safety is our utmost priority, and Tenwayers can always contact our team with any queries they have.

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