E-bike safety tips for feeling secure in the saddle
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E-bike safety tips for feeling secure in the saddle

Staying safe is, of course, top priority for e-bike riders everywhere, so we've gathered useful tips to help you develop safe riding habits and build confidence. Some of this advice applies to conventional bicycles too, but as e-bikes are generally heavier than traditional two-wheelers, and can reach higher speeds more quickly, some tips are specifically applicable to e-bikes.


What's different about e-bikes?

Although e-bikes are becoming more and more popular, they can still take people a little by surprise. That doesn't only apply to the rider, but to other road and path users, too! Both drivers and pedestrians tend to associate seeing a person on two wheels with the slower speed of a conventional bike. Therefore, as a rider you need to be fully alert to other road users, and to bear in mind that they may not anticipate your speed.

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Take care at junctions, and slow down where appropriate. Remember that braking on an e-bike can take longer than you might be used to on a conventional bike, due to the bike's increased weight and speed. At TENWAYS, we've made the braking system as safe as possible, with high-quality, durable Tektro hydraulic disc brakes fitted as standard, for swift, efficient and safe braking.

Taking control of the road

If your route is mainly on the road, it's best to ‘take the lane' where possible and appropriate. This helps to keep you visible to other road users and, with assisted pedaling, your speed will be on a par with motor vehicles in most urban areas. Adding handlebar-mounted mirrors to your bike can help you stay aware of vehicles behind you, without you having to turn your head, allowing for safer movement from lane to lane. If you choose the TENWAYS CGO800S e-bike, lane-changing is made even more easy, as it comes fitted with rear flashing indicators.

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Keep it lightweight

One more thing to remember about e-bikes is that they are generally heavier than conventional bikes due to the motor and battery; this can make mounting and dismounting more challenging for some riders. Some e-bikes are lighter than others however, so if this aspect worries you, take a look around at available options. For reference, TENWAYS' CGO600 and CGO800S come in at 15kg and 19kg respectively, which are at the lower end of the e-bike weight range, and the CGO800S's step-through frame makes getting on and off even easier.

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Dress for success

Keeping yourself safe on your e-bike means ensuring that other road users can see you easily, and that what you're wearing makes it possible for you to cycle comfortably and securely. For visibility, choose an outer high-vis layer, ideally with some reflective patches so that you're visible in lower light, too. On your feet you should wear shoes which won't easily slip off, and will provide good grip against the pedals. That means no sandals or flip-flops! On your head, we heartily recommend wearing a helmet – studies have shown that they can reduce the risk of serious head injury by almost 70%.

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…and don't forget your bike!

Make your e-bike visible, too. Many e-bikes come with front and rear lights fitted as standard, but don't be afraid to add to those to make yourself stand out even more! A convenient option are USB-chargeable lights with wrap-around mounting systems, which can be easily attached to handlebars or seat-posts, and are small and light enough to take with you when you park up. And as a final touch, a bell is the ideal way to alert other road users to your presence.

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Practice makes perfect

Even if you're a seasoned cyclist on conventional bikes, if you're new to e-bikes, it's important to become fully acquainted with your new set of wheels. Read through the manual to familiarise yourself with all the bike and display's functions. Take it out on a few short local spins, to get a good sense of how your e-bike feels and performs at its different assist levels; start out on the lowest level before working up to the max setting. Incorporate a few hills and corners into these initial explorations, so that you're checking out how your e-bike moves in different situations – you'll soon feel confident for more extended rides!

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For riders switching from a conventional cycle to an e-bike, you'll find that the TENWAYS CGO600 & CGO800S deliver a smooth and very intuitive ride, thanks to the super-responsive torque sensor – find out more about this great tech here.


Pre-journey checks

Riders of any type of bike should give it a check-over before each outing. For an e-bike, it's good to ensure that the battery is topped up enough for your day's riding, and that the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure, to ensure best grip and control. You can read up on a full run-down of checks to make before your first e-bike trip in our earlier blog here.

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Share the knowledge

We hope these tips will help you get even more joy out of riding your e-bike! If you have found this advice useful, feel free to share the details with your rider friends – after all, sharing is caring!

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