Make the Most of Fall with Fun E-biking Experiences!

Make the Most of Fall with Fun E-biking Experiences!

Fall is a favorite season for many people, with trees changing to beautiful autumnal colors, and regular bright sunny days with only a little chill in the air. It's a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors for wholesome, healthy fun, and what better way to explore a little further than your usual immediate surroundings, than with an e-bike? With a little powered assistance and some decent carrying power, you can plan exciting day trips out or even weekends away, all on two wheels! Check out our tips for ways to unlock more fun for your world with an e-bike this fall!


Camping in the wild

E-bikes are a truly awesome way to experience the best of nature with outdoor activities! Let's start with camping, where you can take in the countryside atmosphere for a longer period than a day excursion. A sturdy electric bike is the best partner for exploring urban campsites, with suitable accessories such as carrier racks you can carry camping gear for more comfort and convenience. It's also great for accessibility, you can more easily discover new places that a car or camper RVs can't access. All-terrain e-bikes such as our AGO X also travel faster than a non-electric ride in these areas, especially on challenging hills, making it more comfortable for you to ride longer to more discreet places with handy powered assistance. This travel partner puts the body under less stress, allowing you more time to enjoy the beautiful environment around you during a camping trip.



Fishing for catch of the day

An activity you can include on your camping trip, or just a day trip if you prefer, is fishing. Like cycling it can be relaxing and exhilarating at the same time! An electric drive can take you and your fishing equipment off the beaten track to find the quietest spots for your catch of the day. What's more, you won't disturb or pollute the local wildlife and environment, with zero emissions and a super quiet motor, unlike fossil-fuelled transportation modes. And if you're not having much luck, you can easily speed to another fishing haven with your trusty ride!


Working up a sweat on mountain trails & steep hills

If you're looking for a decent workout in the outdoors, e-bikes can also flexibly help with how hard you want to push yourself on those trails! We suggest always planning your route for what's realistically achievable, to safely make sure you're on paths best suited to your current fitness level. As you ride you can adjust your assistance, to adapt to support your endurance levels. If you do want to go faster, don't forget to respect any speed limits for different national parks, especially if they also have hikers or mountain bikers there.



Go off the beaten track with TENWAYS

Our Urban Adventurer, AGO X, is perfect for off-road exploration with a Shimano 10-speed system, Bafang M410 250W Mid-drive motor, SR SUNTOUR lockout fork and 29” anti-puncture tires, for a powerful, all-terrain ride. Coming with a range of up to 100km, it equips you to enjoy nature for longer! And if you need extra riding time, and to carry equipment for the outdoors, we've got these accessories to help you prepare for your trip.


Fun, stress-free urban commuting

The hustle and bustle of the urban metropolis is also a great way to enjoy an e-bike, for both commuting and leisure. E-biking is becoming more and more popular for commuting because of its ability to help riders travel further and easily get to work during those busy commuting hours. A shorter, fresh-air commute can allow more time to be productive, potentially alleviating work stress levels, and giving more room to enjoy time outside the office! E-commuting trips can be super-flexible, acting as a workout when you want one, and you can always select assistance when you want to give your legs a break. You can arrive at the office feeling refreshed and save the ride home for a workout session, if you choose to.



CGO600 and CGO600 Pro are our trusty lightweight commuter rides, designed for smooth and speedy rides as you get from A to B. They give a smooth, natural riding feel, with or without assistance, and are IP65 water-resistant in case you get caught in a downpour. Both are designed to add relaxation and energy to your working day.


Take in the best city sights

E-bikes are also a fantastic way to enjoy the many sights of the city in your leisure time with the freedom to go wherever takes your fancy, rather than relying on public transport routes and timetables, or getting stuck in busy traffic jams with cars. They are the perfect gateway to checking out museums, monuments and other thrilling sites the city has to offer!


Enjoying the joys of cycling with friends and new faces

Another great thing about e-biking is it can be just as fun with company, unleashing more enjoyment for your family and friendship groups! You can explore it as a hobby, where you can spur each other on visiting your favorite destinations or exploring somewhere new, perhaps stopping off for coffee, lunch or picturesque stops along the way. You could also join local cycling groups to meet fresh faces to nurture the joys of e-biking, with organized escapades that let you discover new places you perhaps haven't thought about visiting before.



Extra versatile for special time with your loved ones

There are electric models with different frame types to suit varying ages, styles, and abilities for all kinds of occasions. Step-through frames are super comfortable and easy to dismount, and are a great vehicle for older generations with mobility issues, or fitting for those that want to dress suitably for social activities without having to change out of cycling gear. Why not plan a family cycling trip or a picnic to enjoy the outdoors together? Get everyone to enjoy the fun cycling has to offer while helping them to feel healthier too!

E-bikes can also be a sweet transport mode for a romantic cycling date to the riverside, beach, park, or wherever is special for you both. And with the option of e-powered assistance, you can trust your electric ride to keep you looking and feeling super cute for your date, while getting to your destination speedily, for more quality time together off the road.



Leisurely TENWAYS rides for many lifestyles

Our CGO800S and AGO T are perfect for casual trips but give an extra level of support compared to the average step-through bike. Both feature suspension front forks to help absorb the bumps of city roads, while the AGO T offers extra flexibility for tackling hills and carrying loads, featuring an Enviolo stepless shifting hub gearing system and a powerful Bafang M420 250W mid-drive motor for impressive performance on trickier urban inclines.


E-bikes: heaps of fun for everybody

We hope this blog has been super helpful with ways to enjoy cycling this fall and beyond. You can explore further ideas on why e-bikes are a must-have and riding in wet weather. And if you have any more questions, feel free to drop our team a line! E-biking is a fantastic way for boosting lifestyles with fulfilling riding experiences while improving personal well-being and the planet. At TENWAYS we know going green can have costs associated with it, but we want more and more people to enjoy all the fun activities that e-biking lends itself to. So just don't miss out on special deals from us during Black Friday and beyond!

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