Empower moms with an e-bike this Mother's Day!

Empower moms with an e-bike this Mother's Day!

The month of May is fast approaching, which means that Mother's Day is just around the corner. As it's on the 12th of May this year, now is a great time to start thinking about a special gift to show how much you appreciate everything your mom does for you. There are many things you could get her, from flowers to chocolates, but have you considered an e-bike? It may be more expensive than some traditional Mother's Day gifts, but the long-term value it brings makes it a truly rewarding gift for moms of all types to enjoy for many years to come.


E-bike benefits for older moms


A physical activity to help relieve the effects of aging

Our moms will always be superstars in our eyes, but our bodies all become more vulnerable as we get older. Riding an e-bike is a great way for moms to stay active and healthy, it helps with well-being and cognitive ability, and is a great low impact exercise that doesn't put undue stress on joints and muscles. This makes it a gentle yet effective activity that's good for older moms, even if they have limited mobility or are recovering from injuries.

In particular, the comfortable design of step-through frame bikes helps reduce shoulder and back strain. They are often favored by those who enjoy leisurely rides around town on smooth paved roads. For these riding scenarios, our team has innovated the step-through CGO800S for luxurious cruising on uncomplicated terrain and AGO T for tackling city inclines.


Enhancing social life & independence

Electric bikes can help moms build social connections, especially as their children get older and become more independent and they find that they have more time on their hands. Riding an e-bike with friends or family is a great form of social interaction to explore new and familiar places and spend quality time away from their usual surroundings. They could also allow your mom to cross town to go shopping, visit friends and family, or even venture to a local club where she can meet like-minded people with similar interests.


Electric bicycle benefits for busy moms


Relieving stress and boosting energy

E-bikes are a fantastic gateway to improving physical health & fitness, they can help relieve stress and give moms an energy boost towards their efforts in other activities. For example, if they don't have time for the gym they could create a cycling workout while running regular chores around town, or an e-bike trip could act as a mini warm-up exercise before another sporting activity.


E-bikes can help strengthen family relationships, providing a great opportunity for mothers to bond with their partners and children by riding together and participating in outdoor activities, such as riding together to the park, taking in the sights of the city, or going on a camping or fishing trip. When everyone participates in these adventures together, they can create lasting memories.


Useful, efficient transportation

Busy moms have a lot of daily responsibilities to juggle to stay on top of their day, and electric bikes are a super-useful transportation machine to help them manage their task load more effectively. They can be equipped with accessories like panniers and racks for carrying groceries, errands, luggage, etc.

Electric cargo bikes are the ultimate load carrying bike that can help moms transport larger loads including mini passengers! They help moms with multi-tasking errands, commuting as well as taking their little ones to school, playgroup & various other activities around town.

For busy moms & dads who need a reliable partner to help them manage their family commitments, we've developed our own flagship cargo e-bike, CARGO ONE, with careful attention to detail & quality at an outstanding price.


Why is a TENWAYS e-bike good for mothers of all types?

At TENWAYS, we build our premium e-bikes with high-quality components to give our riders more confidence on the road. Most of our range is fitted with a Gates belt drive, a long-lasting and reliable alternative to traditional derailleur systems that requires very little maintenance. We also throw in a free mudguard accessory with every order. Both components will help keep your mom clean and dry on her rides, so she can spend her precious time on other things. Overall, it is a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective mode of transport for all types of moms.



We hope this guide has given you a glimpse into all the amazing possibilities that a versatile e-bike can bring to your mother, your wife or yourself! Our team would like to wish everyone a very happy Mother's Day and we hope you have a very special day with your amazing superstar mom! And if you do manage to get her a gift this year, whether it's an e-bike, chocolate, flowers or something else, we hope it fills her heart with joy!

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