CGO009 vs. the CGO family: What's the difference?

CGO009 vs. the CGO family: What's the difference?

We've been working hard to expand our family of e-bikes to meet the needs of different urban riders who want the best sustainable transportation partner for their lifestyle. Most recently, we've welcomed our smart city e-bike, the CGO009, as the latest addition to our CGO city commuter range. It is our most tech-savvy member yet, a next-generation smart city e-bike that combines the ultimate in style, safety and performance for busy, forward-thinking riders. It's also our first model to feature our own TENWAYS custom components. Let's take a look at what else sets it apart from the rest of our range.


What makes the CGO009 unique?

Featuring a Smart Connect module for intelligent riding and enhanced safety with GPS, this high-tech model offers a new level of user experience for multitaskers, allowing them to master their day with added peace of mind thanks to our advanced e-bike technology.

The CGO009 Pro is also the first model to feature our TENWAYS C9 motor, which delivers 250W of pure power and 45Nm of torque. Compared to the CGO600 Pro and other CGO models at 250W and 40Nm, the CGO009 packs a little bit more power to increase its climbing ability! Now let's look at some of the other differences between the CGO009 and its CGO commuter e-bike siblings.


Seat position and handlebars

This is one of the most obvious differences between the CGO600 Pro and the CGO009. The CGO600 Pro has a sportier feel, with a riding position that is ideal for those looking for an energetic ride. The CGO009 has a more relaxed, urban riding position, perfect for comfortable city cruising.

Handlebars play a key role in rider posture and comfort for different riding scenarios, so we've designed our CGO600 e-bikes with a Flat handlebar and the CGO009 with a wider Cruiser handlebar. The CGO600 & CGO600 Pro both have a flat handlebar that allows the rider to lean forward slightly for agility and a more even weight distribution that supports the lower spine. Their slim, compact dimensions also help them zip through traffic.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, the CGO009's (and CGO800S') Cruiser handlebars are perfect for smooth, luxurious rides around town. Their greater length promotes smooth and precise steering while supporting a more upright riding position for greater comfort.


Frame geometry and build

The frame geometry and construction of these e-bikes have been designed to optimize their performance for different scenarios. The CGO600 Pro has a slim, lightweight frame that makes it an agile companion for navigating crowded city streets. Meanwhile, the CGO009's larger frame provides robust support, to perfectly balance its increased power capabilities and larger, sturdier wheels. In addition, the CGO009's parallelogram geometry ensures a comfortable riding position to keep urban riders in control during powerful rides.



The CGO600 Pro has a compact OLED display and the CGO800S has an integrated smart LCD display that gives riders all the information they need at a glance, while the CGO009 features minimalist dash controls that prioritize simplicity in a secure package. They're screenless controls that are easily accessible with the touch of a finger, making it easier for you to keep your eyes on the road.

The CGO009 also stands out from the CGO crowd with a boost feature that safely provides riders with an extra burst of power when they need it, activating at speeds of 6 km/h to avoid sudden acceleration, and to reduce the risk of injury.


Tire selection

Wheels play a crucial role in determining a bike's performance on a variety of terrains. The CGO009's custom 700c x 55mm TENWAYS tires offer superior grip and stability, and are wider than other CGO models, which means they have more contact with roads, trails and other terrain, giving this e-bike extra traction and speed to navigate tricky urban landscapes with confidence.


Saddle comfort and riding experience

Comfort is paramount on long rides, and saddle design plays a crucial role in ensuring an enjoyable experience. The Selle Royal saddle of the CGO009 focuses on comfort for long trips, providing riders with padded cushioning, and is more comfortable than the CGO600 Pro, which is designed for easy, fast commutes that require less time in the saddle!

Both the CGO009 and the CGO600 Pro offer high performance riding for different riding preferences (riding style, terrain, etc.) The CGO009 excels as a smart and stylish urban companion, tailored for luxurious riding on varied terrain for both work and play, while the CGO600 Pro, similar to the CGO600, offers a simpler, lighter solution for daily commuting needs. Compared to these three models, CGO800S adopts a different step-through frame and is suitable for a wider range of people with its comfortable and ergonomic setup.


Common features

Despite their differences, both the CGO009 and CGO600 Pro share several features with the broader TENWAYS family. Their stylish, minimalistic designs contain high quality components such as the Gates carbon belt drive and torque sensor, that need very little maintenance, making them reliable partners that deliver smooth, easy and joyful e-biking experiences for the long haul.



We hope this blog has been useful for you in seeing what makes our CGO009 stand out from our TENWAYS line-up. It has the user-friendly ergonomic design that our e-bikes have become known for and combines amazing performance and comfort with technical flair, a chic gadget that can help you stay on top of a busy lifestyle for both commuting and leisure! If you’d like to ask our team any more questions about the CGO009, or our other models, feel free to get in touch.

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