TENWAYS Pop-ups: Uniting Communities through E-bikes

TENWAYS Pop-ups: Uniting Communities through E-bikes

At TENWAYS, we are committed to more than just providing high-quality e-bikes; we're on a mission to transform cities, lives, and perspectives through sustainable mobility. Our recent pop-up events in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Stockholm are a testament to this vision, where we merge green transportation with art, fashion, sports, and more, expanding our community as we go!


Berlin: where sustainability meets style

In Berlin, our popup was a fusion of urban style and eco-conscious living, introducing the concept of 'City Jungle with TENWAYS,' exquisitely blending city life and nature. The event space itself was a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, showcasing aesthetic visuals created from environmentally friendly materials, resulting in a stunning greenhouse with a contemporary twist.

We were thrilled to welcome our brand ambassador and fitness icon, Pamela Reif, to the event. Her boundless energy and passion for sustainable living energized the crowds. She effortlessly connected with the guests sharing how she seamlessly integrates TENWAYS into her busy lifestyle. Her words of inspiration resonated with many, encouraging people to hop onto an e-bike and take the first step towards sustainable mobility.

Together with Pamela, we embark on a mission to empower more women to hop on to an e-bike and join the ride. Berlin, get ready to redefine your cityscape and join us in celebrating eco-conscious urban living!

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Amsterdam: your e-bike, your new car

In the heart of the world's cycling capital, Amsterdam, we created an unforgettable experience around the theme, 'Your E-bike is Your New Car' However, this was no ordinary popup, it was a fusion of art and technology to celebrate the joys of e-biking with Amsterdam's diverse and lively community.

An enthusiastic public stepped into a venue adorned with captivating art pieces by local artist Laura Stöckl, transcending the idea that e-bikes are not just a mode of transportation but a form of artistic expression. The event captivated the attention of local media, and social media influencers keen to soak in the future of urban mobility.

Suzanne Schulting, Olympic speed skater and TENWAYS brand ambassador, graced the event, bringing tales of her sporting experience and her joy in cycling. Her presence was nothing short of inspiring, and collectively we hope to have left attendees with a newfound enthusiasm for TENWAYS.

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Stockholm: eco-conscious innovation

Picture this: A space where environmental consciousness meets urban chic. By integrating biophilic elements at our Stockholm popup, we allowed our visitors to effortlessly connect with nature all within the bustling heart of the city, inviting guests to plunge into the unique oasis of sustainability.

With our latest range of innovative e-bikes to explore too, the space was intentionally designed to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and allow our guests not just to immerse themselves in the space, but soak up what sustainability has to offer.

Into this space we invited fashion-forward individuals and influencers to experience our innovative e-bike range, redefining urban mobility as a lifestyle choice. In Stockholm we observed that many people opt for e-scooters, but our own team's rides along the city's stunning coast roads had us feeling that the versatility of e-bikes makes them perfect for this city! Those who came along for a test ride were truly impressed, and we can't wait to see the message of joyful e-biking spread to more and more Stockholmers!

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Future Events: Where Joy Meets Diversity

Our popup events so far have encapsulated the diverse lifestyles that cycling can accommodate, as well as celebrating how effortlessly cycling can intertwine with our lives. We carefully curate our events to create feelings of joy and community for all attendees to experience. There is even more to come! Stay tuned for our upcoming events, which promise excitement, enjoyment, and a renewed perspective on sustainable urban living. Together we'll transform our cities, one pedal at a time.

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