TENWAYS X Pamela Reif at our Berlin pop-up

TENWAYS X Pamela Reif at our Berlin pop-up

Friendly, lively and lusciously green; this was the vibe at the TENWAYS Berlin pop-up which ran through July and saw hundreds of people coming through the doors to experience the joy of e-biking for themselves! The specially designed space brought the best of the outdoors indoors with an immersive 'City Jungle with TENWAYS' concept. Here, visitors enjoyed delicious refreshments, got to know team TENWAYS, and were able to explore the whole TENWAYS range, with many taking their choice of e-bike out through the nearby Berlin streets for test rides.

An extra special treat was in store on July 18, when our brand ambassador, renowned online fitness guru Pamela Reif, joined the fun for a meet-and-greet with the pop-up's visitors.

So, what were the highlights of our Berlin pop-up adventure?


A joyful space

The whole pop-up location was designed to be inviting and welcoming, with natural and environmentally friendly materials used throughout to inspire visitors, helping them to envisage themselves on a TENWAYS e-bike in a variety of surroundings! Through the use of clever lighting, and carefully chosen plants and other natural materials, the overall effect was a little like entering a beautifully designed greenhouse, with a modern twist – and several e-bikes to explore!

The doors were open to those booking their visit in advance, and curious passers-by alike; even four-legged visitors were made welcome, as we ensured the pop-up event was pet-friendly. Our team were on hand to help visitors discover everything they needed to know about the TENWAYS e-bike range, from a variety of city commuter models to our e-bike SUV, the AGO X.



Cheerful launch day vibes

The official launch day on July 18 was a definite highlight of the month, with hundreds of e-bike enthusiasts, media reporters and more flocking to the pop-up location. TENWAYS brand ambassador, Pamela Reif, took the initiative when spotting the queue that was forming at the entrance. She began handing out protein bars to those waiting and chatting to the crowds, sharing her own experience with riding a TENWAYS e-bike, how it benefits her busy lifestyle, and encouraging them to try one out on a test ride! Fans also had chance to take photos with Pamela as mementos of the day, as well as taking home signed photos and get a hug with Pamela, too.

The day's fun didn't stop there; the volume was turned up and the crowd enjoyed music, food and drinks through to an evening finish!



Pamela's female-empowering journey with TENWAYS

During the launch day, Pamela joined TENWAYS EU General Manager, Amir Fazeli, for a chat about the TENWAYS vision, and her reasons for deciding to join as brand ambassador. Amir spoke of TENWAYS' wish 'to empower more women to enjoy cycling and its benefits for their health and the environment', and that Pamela was the ideal choice of collaborator in promoting this message. Pamela agreed: 'Empowerment is a big topic on my channels. In the first place, for me it's always about fitness and finding your inner strength, and in that way empowering women.'

Pamela and Amir continued to discuss why TENWAYS was the ideal choice for Pamela, too. She spoke of the CGO800S's natural-feeling performance and inconspicuous appearance, commenting that 'you can't really tell that it's an e-bike, it's very well designed and looks so pretty in itself.' She admitted that she had, at first, been a little skeptical, due to its lower price compared to some other e-bike brands, but has been super-impressed by the quality of design and performance. Amir expanded on this theme, saying that 'Our philosophy is simply to have a bike that's for a broad range of people; we don't want to have a product that only a certain range of people can afford.'



An exclusive giveaway

As part of our appreciation to those attending the pop-up event, one lucky attendee who posted an Instagram story from the day was chosen to win an exclusive pink-colored CGO800S as a fabulous prize in a special giveaway.


Looking to the future

The Berlin pop-up event was just one of many we have planned! Remember to stay tuned to our channels, or sign up to our newsletter, to be first to hear about future events. We want to bring you exciting activities and test-riding opportunities– we look forward to welcoming you to join the fun and discover the joy of e-biking for yourself!

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