Why is a TENWAYS bike right for you, today and every day

Why is a TENWAYS bike right for you, today and every day

Hunting for your dream e-bike is hard, you want something that will ride strong and easy, look great, with a reliable after-sales service network, and not cost the earth (both in cash and in environmental impact!). TENWAYS is a brand born of e-bike enthusiasts who want to give riders everything they could ever wish for, in a range of well-thought-out electric bicycles for all. Read on to find out more about those key features.


It looks great

Famed Victorian designer William Morris said, "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". Every TENWAYS e-bike is designed to meet both those criteria with distinction. The sleek frame, with on-point colors and high-quality paint finish will bring a smile to your face every ride. You'll want to show off the smooth weld, ergonomic dash, and well-appointed components too. TENWAYS e-bikes can take pride of place in any home or office.



It rides great

Our R&D team knows exactly what goes into an exceptional rider experience, and we live to make daily commuting effortless, speedy, eco-friendly, and fun. Quality motors are well balanced to bring you smooth power without compromising on the weight and appearance of the whole package, hydraulic disc brakes are powerful and accurate, belt drives are slick and clean and made to last.

We are so proud of the all-around satisfaction we are bringing into riders' lives. Head to any product page and the reviews speak for themselves!

"I have my new CG600 Pro for a week now and it's driving so smooth and fast!! Especially the acceleration feels like a big push in your back in couple of seconds you are on top speed. Also the range is impressive! No way I need the car anymore for the long distance to work. 😇" Daan V.

"The best bike ever." Roy

"The bike is fast, vibrant and viable. I really love cycling on it and would recommend it to anyone!" Tom P.

"Since I use this Bike CGO600 in Mat Blue, I see the life in Shining Blue. This Bike is perfect for the city…This Bike is soooo.....Beautiful! Thanks to the Tenways teams to do a such beautiful bike. Everyone is pleasantly surprised when they see the bike and wonder what brand this is!?… It changes my life." Bruno G.



Plus the industry experts are big fans, with the TENWAYS GGO600 being awarded E-Bike of the Year by ExpertReviews, and the CGO800S being named 'Most Beautiful Bike' by ANWB. TENWAYS' range continues to pick up industry accolades along the way.


You will be delighted at the value for money

No "pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap" mentality here. We are here for the planet and not for a throwaway society. But the cost of living bites hard, and people deserve a premium bike at a comfortable price point. That's why our mission statement is centred around our commitment to making high-quality e-bikes accessible to all, through models that are strategically designed to offer true value for money.


We still care for you after the sale

You can also see from our customer reviews and community that we are here for our TENWAYS riders for the long-haul. TENWAYS has established a global community for TENWAYERS, so problems, experience, and anything about TENWAYS' e-bikes can be shared here, and you may find possible solutions. Our easy-to-follow manuals and detailed assembly videos make getting your bike set up a breeze, and it's super-simple to get support from our friendly team. We are a few clicks away by email or social media, and our warranty details, policies and FAQs are easy to find on our website. Plus we have our ever-growing network of awesome dealers and service partners, including Little John Bikes, Mega Bikes, Le Fiets and more. Bike shops are an invaluable link in our service chain and in supporting our riders to enjoy many happy years of energized rides!



Count on TENWAYS

Our brand mission is just getting started, recruiting a world of e-bike lovers to ride into a cleaner and cooler future. We are making it last, with genuinely great quality products and service. We have made our mark in the industry and grown our family of Tenwayers by thousands, and we hope you'll join us on this incredible journey together!

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