TENWAYS: Smooth Like (Easter) Chocolate

TENWAYS: Smooth Like (Easter) Chocolate

TENWAYS' signature smooth ride is almost as famous as the Easter Bunny, with thousands of riders around the world falling in love with an experience that's smoother than chocolate. Let's explore the ingredients that combine to create this delicious cycling sensation!


The motor

A key part of the TENWAYS smooth riding experience is the high-tech, clutched motor which sits in the rear-wheel hub of models including our CGO600. It's been carefully designed to be lightweight, compact and quiet, and works beautifully in sync with other components to deliver super-smooth cycling. Inside the motor is a patented clutch mechanism which, compared to many e-bike hub motors, provides enhanced efficiency and reduced internal friction – key ingredients for smoothness!



The torque sensor

Every e-bike relies on sensors to communicate with the motor to determine when and how much power assistance to provide to you, the rider. Lots of e-bikes use relatively simple cadence sensors, which are turned on or off as you start or stop pedaling. Riders can find the experience a little jerky, with a bit of a delay between the point you start to pedal, and the power assistance kicking in.



All TENWAYS e-bikes, in contrast, use a high-quality magnetic torque sensor, which measures the amount of force a rider is putting on the pedals as they ride. This allows the motor to be much more responsive to actual, real-time riding conditions, and so the experience is smoother and more natural-feeling. The torque sensors in TENWAYS e-bikes use specialist magnetic torque-sensing technology, which provides greater durability compared to many sensors, helping you keep that smooth riding experience going for longer!


The Gates carbon belt drive

A belt drive marries up perfectly with a clutched hub motor and torque sensor to ensure a totally smooth and quiet riding experience, with the minimum of maintenance needed, too. A belt drive is created as one piece, meaning that there are no links to break and no lubrication needed – a real contrast to chain drives, which require a lot of attention to keep them ride-worthy! A Gates belt will typically have a lifespan 3-5 times that of a regular chain, keeping on delivering a smooth ride for many more miles.



TENWAYS chose Gates belt drives as they're globally recognized as being at the top of the belt drive game, enjoying an excellent reputation with riders and bike-industry professionals alike.


An Easter treat for your basket

You could be hopping into the saddle of a TENWAYS CGO600 with our tempting special Easter offer. Enjoy €100 off CGO600 in all sizes and colorways, while stocks last!

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