CGO600 or  CGO800S: which one's best for you?

CGO600 or CGO800S: which one's best for you?

Buying an e-bike is no small decision, especially when the competition between choices is quite tight! With the addition of the all-new CGO800S to the TENWAYS collection, now there are even more great options for prospective riders! Wondering which TENWAYS e-bike to choose? Let's get down to detail, explore the key differences between the CGO800S and CGO600, and help you make that decision.


Stand out from the crowd with the CGO600

Imagine yourself overtaking busy traffic on a bike without breaking a sweat, while onlookers can only wonder why you move so quickly yet so effortlessly—this is exactly what the TENWAYS CGO600 can bring you.

Weighing only 15kg, this sleekly designed e-bike has a great agile action on turns and corners. If city congestion is a large part of your life, CGO600 can help you weave through the streets with absolute ease. Even with the power off, you can still ride it like any decent regular bike.

In short, the CGO600 is your perfect match if:

  • You live in a crowded city center.
  • You prefer a subtle e-bike that at first glance looks like a regular bike.
  • You regularly encounter obstacles in the road that you need to swiftly avoid.


Experience next-level comfort with the CGO800S

Now let's focus on the talk of the town—the all-new CGO800S. With a relaxed geometry, comfortable saddle, and 376Wh portable battery that offers an assisted range of up to 100km, its comfort and power will give you the confidence to conquer long-distance travel with ease. Even after a day's long ride, jumping onto the saddle the next day won't feel like hard work, because every last detail of this e-bike is designed for your ultimate comfort.

Thanks to the front suspension, bumpy roads aren't a problem either. Cobbled streets along your commuting route? Let the suspension fork absorb all the bumps, not you!

The CGO800S might just be the perfect e-bike for you, if:

  • You're a commuter looking to swap long, tedious journeys for joyful rides.
  • You'd prefer not to feel the bumps of the cobbled streets along your route.
  • You're not an adrenaline-chaser and prefer to feel relaxed and secure in your ride.


The shared TENWAYS gene

These differences aside, the CGO600 and CGO800S share one thing in common: the TENWAYS gene.

  • Signature smooth ride: all TENWAYS e-bikes are equipped with a high-precision magnetic torque sensor, which guarantees a bionic, intuitive riding experience.
  • Sleek design: you'll always feel good and look sharp on a TENWAYS bike.
  • Worry-free riding: all TENWAYS e-bikes are built to last, and are super-easy to maintain. The Gates Carbon Belt delivers 30,000km of hassle-free riding!

Most importantly, if you do decide to buy a TENWAYS e-bike, our super-responsive customer support team will always be on hand to assist you. For all queries submitted, we promise a helpful response within 24 hours.

Within the 2-year warranty, we provide all needed replacement parts for free and cover the cost of installation. Thanks to our resilient supply chain, even if you need a replacement battery in the next 5 years, we can provide it at a decent price.

Find your fit and ride your style

The CGO600 or the CGO800S? At the end of the day, the choice is yours. No matter which one you choose, we are confident that there will be a smile on your face when you push down on the pedals.

Still undecided? Find help and honest opinions from real-life Tenwayers in our Facebook Community Group! It's a friendly and welcoming space where we and the community share amazing life moments, both on and off the bike. Please also feel free to drop us a DM on Facebook/Instagram, or send us an email at We're always ready to answer any questions that you may have!

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