CGO600 Pro – what the reviewers think

CGO600 Pro – what the reviewers think

"The Lightweight Champion." That's what we affectionately call the CGO600 Pro here at TENWAYS – an e-bike created to be a real city-cycling joy! Developed with the highly valuable input of Tenwayers around the world, CGO600 Pro boasts a great range of features that we know you – the riders – really want to see. Removable battery? Check. Extended range? Of course! Adjustable handlebars? Absolutely. Integrated front light? A bright idea!

The result is a nimble e-bike that delivers an exceptionally smooth riding experience thanks to a winning combination of components, including a Gates carbon belt drive, super-responsive torque sensor, 250W rear hub motor, and hydraulic disc brakes for superb stopping power.

Feedback from riders is always super-beneficial, so today we're bringing you the voices of folk who've tried out CGO600 Pro for themselves – some are seasoned, professional bike reviewers, while others are from the ever-growing Tenwayers community. Let's hear what they have to say!



Impressively lightweight, stylish, and well-built

CGO600 Pro has sleek, stylish looks in a frame that's almost indistinguishable from a traditional bike, a factor very much appreciated by reviewers such as Chris from TechMagnet, whose first impression after building his bike was that "It's an absolutely beautiful design, it definitely has the classic form factor! This is an elegant bike."CGO600 Pro's light weight is a key factor in helping it not only look like a traditional bike, but handle very naturally as well. Chris commented that it's "light too, carrying it is no problem…it handles so well!"

Chris was a real fan of the ease of the whole bike-building process, with the quality tools and components included, leading to a "perfect ride straight out of the box, that is amazing!" Loving the smooth riding experience, Chris went on to say, "now I can understand why TENWAYS is one of the market leaders…I am amazed by the quality."


Quality in every detail

German e-bike review channel Emobilist was also impressed with the CGO600 Pro's looks, particularly the attention to detail in the finish, with smooth welds, hidden cabling, and details such as the lightweight, branded aluminum mudguards making a great impression. Emobilist's reviewer made the technical point that the inclusion of the Gates carbon belt helps to keep the overall weight of the bike low – as well as other advantages of it being very low-maintenance and delivering a smooth, quiet ride!

To Emobilist's reviewer, the adjustable handlebar stem is a really important feature. For ergonomic comfort, he appreciates the capability to angle the handlebar to allow him to cycle with a more upright position, while pointing out that a more sporty stance can be taken if preferred!

Furthermore, Emobilist's reviewer highlighted the "natural driving behaviour we have here with the sophisticated torque sensor," going on to comment that, "TENWAYS have hit this sweet spot, with exactly the right combination and dimensioning of the different components."


Spectacular performance

For Spanish electric-mobility channel Makerelec, the most attractive feature of CGO600 Pro is the removable battery, with enhanced 360 Wh capacity, which "can allow us to charge it at home and, for example, leave the bicycle stored in a garage."

The Makerelec reviewer was clear about their expectations when riding an e-bike – they use one for going out to play sports, or for getting around town without getting too sweaty. With the CGO600 Pro, he concluded, "I can tell you that I loved this bicycleIt works wonderfully and has spectacular performance."


Concurrence from Tenwayers

Making cycling a joy is one of our main aims here at TENWAYS, and we're always glad to hear people's stories about their experience!

Tenwayer Delian R. concurred with our experts, saying "The bike is just amazing, a joy to ride and look at! The green colour is beautiful!"

Tenwayer Bartjan V. said, "The single gear concept works amazing! Together with the belt drive and smooth support through the torque sensor, this results in a light weight bike featuring a simple and sleek design."


Explore for yourself

Now that we've heard from both the experts and real-life Tenwayers alike, it's the perfect time to check out the CGO600 Pro in detail. Don't forget to let us know what you think if you decide to join our growing community!

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