Can an e-bike replace a car for urban trips?
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Can an e-bike replace a car for urban trips?

Can an e-bike really take the place of a car? This debate has been going back and forth for some time, however with the continuing high fuel prices in Europe and beyond, taking the step of replacing car trips with e-bike rides looks to be an increasingly viable option. Let's explore some of the main things to consider!


Beat the traffic

Over shorter distances in the urban environment – under 10km, for instance – cycling can be a more quick and efficient way to get around, whether for commuting or running errands. As well as being able to bypass traffic more easily, it's much easier – and cheaper – to find a bike parking space when you arrive at your destination. This fun short video from Shifter demonstrates that clearly! There are lots of studies that explore the differences between cars and bikes for city travel, and there's no doubt that in congested areas, a bike is a much more flexible and speedy option. To give one example, recent studies showed that, in London, a car averages 7.6mph (12.2kmh) while a bike averages almost double at 14mph (22.5kmh)!

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If we add the power-assisted aspect of an e-bike into this mix, there are distinct advantages. An e-biker can reach higher speeds more easily than conventional cyclists, which is a major benefit when pulling away as the traffic lights change. Maintaining a decent speed during the overall ride is also easier when riding an e-bike, generally making urban journey time quicker than using a car.

Just hop on

Reducing hassle is a big bonus associated with e-bikes! Like traditional bikes, power-assisted models such as TENWAYS' CGO600 don't require the rider to have a driver's license or insurance (though of course the latter is optional). Not forgetting, of course, that an e-bike is much less expensive to keep and run than a car; we've already mentioned the comparative lack of parking costs, and in an earlier blog post, we took a deep dive into all the savings that can be made when switching from four wheels to two.

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Of course, cars can cover greater distances than e-bikes, but do consume considerably more energy per kilometer traveled. If your main car use is for short urban trips as a single occupant, you'll find that an e-bike could pay for itself within a year when factoring in all the energy bill savings to be made. This great calculator can help you see how the savings stack up for you, as well as outlining the environmental benefits of swapping from car to bike.

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Maybe you're worried about getting all your belongings from A to B? Have no fear, our trusty rear carrier can support a hefty 15 kg (or 33.1 lbs). But if you're planning on exceeding even that limit, an e-cargo bike might be something to consider… TENWAYS fans keep your eyes peeled!

Stay healthy

Whether you're riding an e-bike or a leg-powered cycle, the list of health benefits is pretty lengthy, from increased cardiovascular fitness, to lower stress levels, and much more. On the flip side, a long time spent behind the wheel of a car is not great for your health. Extended time in a seated, fixed position does little to raise the heart-rate, and the higher stress levels caused by heavy traffic are something most drivers are all too familiar with!

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Plus, it's worth giving a shout-out to your all-important mental health! Institutions such as British Cycling regularly point out this huge benefit of riding. It can't be underestimated how 'stopping to smell the flowers' can boost your mood. A trip through the park, a secluded cycle lane, or a diversion across the promenade will have you spotting new beauty in your area and feeling all the better for it.


Go further, find the fun!

It's been found through various studies that e-bikers tend to travel further than their traditional bike-riding counterparts – the powered assistance makes longer distances less of a daunting prospect. As this Electrek article puts it, “we e-bikers are simply enjoying riding around on fun, affordable electric bicycles and not fretting the little things. We ride for pleasure, not to compete. And that seems to result in us going further and riding for longer.”

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Getting out on an e-bike opens up new sociable opportunities too, whether joining friends for group rides, or finding a whole new bunch of cycling buddies to share the fresh air and fun with.


Time to explore?

Taking all these factors into consideration, we can see that although an e-bike can't be a car replacement in all situations, it does serve most of the purposes of a single-occupant car on urban trips. Alongside the functional elements, there's no doubt that riding an e-bike is environmentally friendly, healthy, economical, and above all, fun! Feeling tempted to hop in the saddle yourself? Take some time to explore our range today!

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