Make Black Friday "Green" the TENWAYS Way

Make Black Friday "Green" the TENWAYS Way

Black Friday is such an exciting time, it's when the beautiful fall season comes to end, and the countdown to Christmas begins, with many hoping to catch some great Black Friday deals for themselves or their loved ones. And this leads us to why we're doing best deals ever with our Black Friday, Green Wheels offers during this special period. At TENWAYS our goal is to encourage our global community to learn about, and benefit from, the joys of sustainable travel with electric bikes.

We know e-biking can seem expensive at first glance, but we want everyone to appreciate the most awesome rewards it unlocks in the long term. When designing our products, at the forefront of our minds is our commitment to striving for a better future for all, and generations to come. Our aim is to always innovate high-performance, reliable e-bikes, accessible to as many people as possible so that they can discover for themselves the joys and benefits of electric mobility.


Simple, stress-free offers that avoid the dark side of Black Friday

Black Friday originated in USA in the 1960s; in recent years it's become associated with some major downsides, often seen as a crazy shopping event that causes greed, overconsumption and waste, overcrowded stores, long lines, and aggressive shoppers. It can be really stressful, with complicated offers leading customers to buy quickly and impulsively, which makes them overspend and purchase items that they may not even need.

At TENWAYS, we want to do things differently. We believe buyers should experience great peace of mind when getting our green wheels, with simple and accessible online deals, enabling them to feel less worried about the cost and more excited about the future.



What does green wheels stand for in Black Friday, Green Wheels?

For our Black Friday, Green Wheels themed event this year, the green wheels symbolise electric bicycles. The more people that use them in their daily lives, switching from carbon dioxide emission-producing vehicles like cars, the more they help to reduce pollution and contribute towards a greener, healthier planet.

Our e-bikes unlock energized riding and high-quality performance with ranges of up to 100km, making them a healthier, nimble and durable alternative to the car. And the benefits of green wheels don't stop there! Riding an e-bike is more cost-effective in the long term for example; there are no daily costs for public transport or parking, and maintenance costs are lower. It's also common knowledge that they are awesome for personal development; exercising on an e-bike can help boost mental and physical health. Green wheels have outstanding environmental, economic and well-being powers for individuals and society as a whole.



TENWAYS' Black Friday Offer on iconic best-seller

Our main Black Friday offer is simple and green, focusing on our classic commuter e-bike, with no excessive complex discounts for calculating the best price. Our best deal of the year is a simple but massive €400 off our most lightweight ride CGO600, exclusively available for the first 200 orders from 8th November.


Why CGO600?

We choose this iconic electric bike as we're confident that both newbie and experienced riders will fall in love with its smooth, natural rides. What's more, it's simple, easy to use, durable and fun! Its high-quality components make it nimble and powerful enough to weave through crowded streets, and at only 15kg, is lightweight and easy to be carried if need be, unlike most e-bikes which tend to be heavier. CGO600 is also a super low-maintenance ride, it can be used without power like a regular bike, has a quiet brushless hub motor, and a durable Gates belt drive that promises thousands of km of care-free travel. Last but not least, it only takes 3 hours to charge. CGO600 is a joyful ride that will discreetly add a whole lot of power and convenience into busy urban lifestyles!



TENWAYS' service will keep CGO600 rolling for years

TENWAYS' exceptional quality and customer service will make your investment worthwhile, not just with the bicycle itself, but with our service support, that will look after you post-purchase. Our service network is there to help whenever you need it, to make sure your TENWAYS bike will roll with you as your reliable drive for years. This offer will be the best ever chance for riders to save the most money while protecting the planet, all for a great long term pay-off – a happier lifestyle!


Another Black Friday offer from TENWAYS for extra convenience

And our Black Friday deals are not stopping there! To add extra convenience in your efforts to go green we're also rewarding you with a medium-sized or large-sized pannier for only €1 if you order CGO600, CGO600 Pro, or CGO800S! It's large enough to carry everyday goods and durable enough to be attached to your trusty TENWAYS ride for years, it's also waterproof, perfect to protect your stuff during those unpredictable rainy days in the city!


Your orders can help the planet

At TENWAYS we're a proud sustainable brand that does everything we can to help the planet, such as keeping any waste to a minimum. Buying a TENWAYS green wheeler truly is a green choice, not only will you be helping to reduce carbon emissions for a more sustainable world, you will also help in another way. Buying a TENWAYS bike becomes a journey from consuming to giving; for every e-bike ordered, we'll donate to our environmental partner Just One Tree, and plant a tree.



Get exploring

These superb Black Friday deals are here to help you join an awesome e-biking community, whether you're planning on speedy commuting, stylish leisurely rides around the city, or trips to the countryside! We hope everyone can go greener this Black Friday; anyone wanting to do research before making a decision about buying an electric drive can check our blog page for tips, reviews from previous purchasers and of course, feel free to reach out to our team, we'll be happy to give you advice on how you can best go green for your lifestyle!

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