Why you should join the TENWAYS community!

Why you should join the TENWAYS community!

Ever since TENWAYS was first launched as a brand, a guiding principle has been to establish a thriving community of like-minded folk. From seasoned cyclists with many years' experience on two wheels, to complete e-bike novices, everyone who discovers the joy and freedom that comes with an e-bike has something valuable to share.

That's why we created the TENWAYS Community Group, a welcoming and vibrant space for the expanding global family of Tenwayers to share with each other their experiences, knowledge and adventures. As hosts of the space, TENWAYS is always on hand with exciting updates and offers, too!


Hear from real TENWAYS riders

Many of the people joining our Community Group are those looking for new ways of transportation, having become disillusioned by the public transport commute, or alarmed by the costs of refuelling their car. In the Community Group, they enjoy friendly advice coming from a wealth of riders with solid experience of riding a TENWAYS e-bike. From questions about range, to charging, to accessories and more, the community are always happy to share their expert views and personal experiences, and help new Tenwayers to join the global family!



Tips and tricks

Getting useful tips from real-life riders is a major bonus for many in the Community Group. From security tips such as personal preferences for types of locks and places to conceal an AirTag, to the sharing of experiences in achieving a healthier lifestyle through e-biking, handy advice is in abundance in the Community Group. The atmosphere is always friendly, supportive and welcoming, so no need to be shy!



Be inspired

A notable characteristic of many Tenwayers is an irrepressible love of two-wheeled exploration, with their wanderings captured in stunning photos shared to the group! Seeing how far others have traveled on their power-assisted two-wheelers can be truly motivational, and it's always fun to see the interesting sights from around the world.



Get the low-down from TENWAYS

When it comes to news from TENWAYS, the Community Group is a first port of call. Group members are treated to latest updates and teasers for new product releases, meaning they can be ready to roll as soon as releases go live! In a similar way, TENWAYS member-exclusive offers are shared to the Community Group, helping the Tenwayers family to enjoy the many benefits we like to share!

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Jump into the Community Group to find welcoming words, information at your fingertips and to be at the front of the queue when it comes to exciting announcements from Team TENWAYS!

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