Owning vs. Renting an E-Bike: Which Suits You Best?

Owning vs. Renting an E-Bike: Which Suits You Best?

Anyone who regularly travels around urban areas will no doubt be aware that e-bikes are continually growing in popularity. As a fun, quick and easy way to get from A to B, more and more people have embraced the e-bike as a preferred transportation mode.

Some of those riding power-assisted two-wheelers will have looked at the long term and invested in purchasing their own e-bike, while others may balk at the up-front cost of purchase, preferring instead to rent an e-bike from one of the many companies that now cater to the growing demand for electric-powered transport. Both methods of hopping into the saddle of an e-bike have their pros and cons, which we'll explore today. We'll also look at whether Black Friday deals on new e-bikes might tip the balance!


Ownership advantages

Buying an e-bike may feel like a large purchasing decision, however once you're the owner, the benefits of long-term cost-savings begin straight away. By swapping to an e-bike from other transport modes such as private cars or public transport, you're immediately spending less on fuel, fares, parking and more. Check out our earlier blog to discover all the ways in which you can make significant savings by riding electric! Naturally, by owning your e-bike, you won't be paying a rental cost each time you ride, either.

Owning your e-bike is super-convenient, as it's ready for riding whenever you are, and there's no need to go searching for the nearest rental e-bike spot. As the owner, you can set up your e-bike exactly as you want it, to suit your riding style and habits.



Accessories such as carrier racks and pannier bags can make your e-bike even more versatile, and when you've chosen them yourself and had them fitted, you can be more confident that they'll go the distance with you. As the owner, you can also explore different design details as you wish, and totally personalize your bike. For inspiration, check out some of the stunning designs produced during our latest collaboration with Paris-based artists! You too could be the owner of a completely individual and original e-bike.

Choosing to own an e-bike instead of renting goes beyond mere ownership—it fosters a commitment to long-term use and the formation of a healthy riding habit, bringing lasting benefits to riders. With the convenience of having your e-bike readily available, you're more likely to embark on spontaneous rides, explore new routes, and enjoy the outdoors regularly. This habitual integration of e-biking into your lifestyle not only promotes physical well-being but also enhances mental health by offering a refreshing and enjoyable mode of transportation. In the long run, the decision to own an e-bike proves to be an investment in both personal health and overall well-being, making it a rewarding choice for those seeking lasting benefits from their daily rides.

As an e-bike owner, you're in control when it comes to maintenance, so you can always be assured that your ride is in the best possible condition. This isn't always the case with rental e-bikes, which can experience high wear-and-tear due to frequent use by a variety of riders. Should you choose TENWAYS, there's the additional advantage of super-low maintenance needs. We choose quality components such as Gates carbon belts and efficient motors that are designed to last thousands of riding kilometers, enabling a worry-free cycling experience.



Ownership downsides

There's no doubt that buying a quality e-bike does represent a significant investment. However at TENWAYS we're motivated by making great e-bikes accessible to as many people as possible, and our current Black Friday deals are a great opportunity for you to land yourself a great e-bike at an even more fantastic price.

It's understandable that both seasoned e-bikers and those new to the idea are concerned about the cost and convenience of ongoing upkeep and repair. With electric parts such as motors, batteries and displays, an e-bike is a more complex item than conventional bikes, so feeling confident about maintenance is key. As previously mentioned, TENWAYS e-bikes are designed to be very low-maintenance. We've also been steadily building up a solid network of certified service centers to help with larger maintenance tasks and keep Tenwayers rolling with minimum fuss.



Renting advantages

For those new to e-bikes, renting can be a great way to try out a different transport type with minimum commitment. Riders will enjoy the various health and fitness benefits of traveling on two wheels and, depending on the e-bike rental model in their home city, can make the journey from A to B with relative ease without having to rely on the punctuality of public transport, or sit in heavy traffic.


The downsides of e-bike renting

The quality of your ride on a rented e-bike isn't always predictable. With large numbers of previous riders, you might find that the bike you've rented is noisy, or looks and feels a little worse-for-wear.

Bikes for rental are often designed to fit the 'average' rider type too, so if you fall outside of a typical height or weight range, you may find a rental bike difficult to handle.

As a long-term solution, e-bike rental starts to become less and less cost-effective. If you've used rental as a way to try out e-biking as a permanent commuting solution, for example, it's definitely worth exploring buying your own bike, for longer-term cost savings.



Owning or renting – what's best for me?

We've put a handy checklist together to help you decide if owning or renting an e-bike would be the best solution for your personal circumstances:

  • Is this for regular long-term or occasional use?
  • What would your e-bike be used for, e.g. commuting, leisure, errand-running?
  • What's the distance you would be traveling regularly?
  • Storage solutions; is there a space at home or work where you can safely store an e-bike?
  • Budget considerations; besides purchase cost, you should also think about good-quality locks and other security measures.

Your answers to these questions should help with your decision-making!


Time to go exploring

E-bikes are undoubtedly here to stay on city streets, with space for both privately owned and rented varieties. For those looking to invest in their own set of power-assisted wheels, the time could not be better, with awesome Black Friday deals making the prospect even sweeter!


TENWAYS leasing program for businesses and their employees

At TENWAYS we remain true to our mission of making e-bikes more accessible for as many people as possible. We understand electric bikes can be a heavy cost upfront, which is we're introducing a leasing program for riders to benefit from fun e-biking on a rental basis through their employers! Currently we're working with e-bike leaser JobRad, and we plan to have more on board with us soon. Employers will need to sign up for our lease partners' services first, for their employees to receive a quote, and get the ball rolling for easy e-biking that lessens the load on their wallet!

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