Top-Tier Awards Won by CGO800S

Top-Tier Awards Won by CGO800S

At TENWAYS, we design our bikes to meet the needs of as many urban e-bikers as possible, with the best value for money in mind, so they can enjoy smooth, practical and low-maintenance riding! We've designed the CGO800S with a comfortable and ergonomic setup so that a wide range of riders can feel their best as they cruise through the city in style.

With the glitz and glamor of awards season upon us, we are pleased to announce that the CGO800S has made a big impression in the e-bike world, winning several awards and impressing reviewers. Let's take a look at what it has won so far and why it has received such excellent feedback from award panels and the press.


German Design Awards – Product Design Winner

First we have some exciting news from Germany! The CGO800S has been crowned the winner of the German Design Award for Outstanding Product Design. The German Design Awards are one of the world's most prestigious design communities, recognized as a leading center for design, branding and innovation, honoring the best designs across all industries each year. The CGO800S winning this award in the Bicycles and E-Bikes category means that the expert jury believes that its design is outstanding and exemplary.



At TENWAYS we always strive to create the most advanced, ergonomic designs for riders to enjoy the best of e-biking, so this award is a great example of our success in aiming to achieve this! The panel described it as the perfect e-bike for everyday use, thanks to its combination of practical, user-friendly technology, stunning looks and super-comfortable components.


ANWB – Best Value for Money E-bike

The next stop on our CGO800S awards tour is the Netherlands with ANWB, an association that looks after the interests of its members by promoting sustainability through mobility, leisure and holidays. The ANWB team tested mid-range e-bikes, priced at €2,250 or less, to find those they felt offered the best quality and value for money. The CGO800S received top marks for its ease of use and riding experience, and was praised for its low-maintenance Gates belt drive, hydraulic disc brakes, functional rear lights and sturdy mudguards. The bike was described as "smooth as ice, with perfect welds and a minimalist design".


This is a great category to win as we always strive to innovate premium e-bikes with top quality components at the lowest possible price to give our customers the best value for money! By winning "Best E-Bike Under €2,250" at a much lower price of €1,899, we hope that the CGO800S will be a useful, cost-effective option for those considering switching to an e-bike for sustainable travel.


Fietstest – Best School Bicycle

Last but not least, we were very pleased to learn that the CGO800S has been awarded "Best School Bicycle" by the Dutch cycling organisation Many brands value having their products tested by Fietstest, which consists of 1,900 independent panel members. The testers highlighted how comfortable and natural the CGO800S e-bike was to ride, with or without assistance, and that it had an easy-to-use display, smooth support, quiet motor, decent suspension and fresh design. It received a huge 9.0 average test score from a range of young riders (aged 10-17) who used it to get to school! It scored highly for ride quality, comfort, price/quality, motor/support and display.



It's an amazing achievement for the CGO800S to get such great feedback across the board. We've designed this versatile bike to be enjoyed by many different riders and it's great to hear it's rated so highly by those who use it for trips to school! Its step-through frame and simple design make it perfect for riders young and old, with different body types and riding abilities, and this award is a great testament to our aim of making it accessible to as many users as possible.


Amazing recognition from the media

Not only has the CGO800S won these amazing awards, it's also received great online reviews across Europe and America!

  • Spanish press Bicicleta described the CGO800S as "the ideal bike for regular use, combining the comfort of a geometric design with exceptional and technologically advanced performance".
  • It made the list of the best city bikes on the German consumer website Imtest, which loved its high speed and versatility - how as a step-through bike it can be used by a wider range of riders, including those with mobility issues, and remains super comfortable even when fully loaded with shopping or crossing uneven urban terrain.
  • German cycling publication EbikeNews loved its pricepoint and low-maintenance Gates belt, summarising it as "a superbly crafted city e-bike with comfortable features and a low step-through that looks almost like a conventional bike".
  • Over in the USA, Road Trail Run raved about the CGO800S's "incredibly smooth, torque-sensing power delivery".

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