CGO009: Advanced Technology Meets Everyday Reliability

CGO009: Advanced Technology Meets Everyday Reliability

You may have spotted that the latest member of the TENWAYS family has landed – the super-minimalist, chic and tech-enabled CGO009! The whole idea of this stylish e-bike is to achieve an ideal balance for owners. Riders can enjoy the many benefits of next generation technology, while having the peace of mind of its quality components and low-maintenance features. Let's dive into how this works for you, the rider.


A modular approach

Smart modularity and integration are at the heart of the CGO009. What does that mean in practice? CGO009 has been designed to have a clean look, with cables hidden away and essential accessories such as lights integrated into the frame. We know that this type of design can cause some concern for riders, who may worry about how easy it will be to make basic repairs when needed.

We have carefully considered these types of concerns during the design process, ensuring that the CGO009 not only has aesthetic appeal, but is exceptionally practical, durable, and easy to maintain. Let's take a look at how we achieved this.



Cable connectors

To make replacement or adjustment of components as easy as possible, cable connectors are used to link up the various items on the bike, and these connectors are housed in a compartment that is easily accessible for mechanics, meaning that if there is a problem with any component, it can be replaced without difficulty, by simply disconnecting the connector before making the necessary change. This accessible design is also shared by all the e-bikes in the TENWAYS range.


Accessible riding

At TENWAYS, smart riding is all about accessibility and practicality. CGO009 can be connected to the Bluetooth function on your phone and linked with our app – but crucially, it's not necessary to do that in order to enjoy riding your bike. We are all too aware that software can crash or be generally unreliable, and we firmly believe that riding an e-bike should be possible without having to rely on connectivity.

We have designed many smart connection features into the CGO009 (and will be going into more detail soon), but these enhancements do not affect the underlying basic function of being able to ride your e-bike, at any time.



Smart Connect

The CGO009 comes with a Smart Connect module, which enables live data communication for enhanced security, and supports smart riding by connecting with the TENWAYS app. The live data function delivers real-time information straight to your phone about your e-bike's location and status, alerting you if it is moved or jostled. Smart riding features which can be enjoyed via the TENWAYS app include a live data dashboard, easy-to-use navigation, and access to our help center. With the smart connect, the CGO009 not only adds an extra layer of protection but also significantly reduces the chances of potential damage, offering riders peace of mind and a low-maintenance ownership experience.



Smart Connect functions are included free-of-charge for the first three years from the day you receive your CGO009. If you wish to continue with the full array of benefits of Smart Connect beyond that time, a yearly fee of €29.90/year applies.


Practical security and safety

We know from our customers and the wider e-biking community that bike security is a priority for riders. That's why we've designed the CGO009 with anti-theft bolts for additional peace of mind.

Additionally, our safety-focused design includes a rear light on the mudguards, ensuring visibility even when a rear carrier might obstruct the integrated rear light. Moreover, the boost function is thoughtfully engineered to activate only after reaching a speed of 6km/h, prioritizing safe riding. This not only prevents sudden acceleration from a standstill, reducing the risk of injury, but also safeguards against unexpected acceleration in various scenarios. Your safety and peace of mind are at the core of CGO009's design.



Everyday reliability

From speaking to our growing family of Tenwayers, it's clear to us that owning an e-bike which is super-user-friendly and dependable is a major advantage. Therefore, the CGO009 carries a range of features that ensure reliability on a daily basis.

A Gates carbon belt offers thousands of kilometers of mess- and stress-free riding, combining the best in efficiency, longevity, and style.

Regular care of the brake cables is made simple thanks to a cap that can be easily removed for access and protects against the elements in daily use. Also protected from rain and dust is the Smart Connect module, which is detachable and has a dust-proof cap to ensure reliable connectivity.



Service when needed

To date, over 100 certified TENWAYS service centers have been added to our network, ensuring that expert advice and skills are available to our customers when needed. All TENWAYS dealers receive professional training directly from us, enabling them to deliver the exceptional customer service we've become known for.


A balanced ride

CGO009 provides you with the ideal balance of stylish minimalism, advanced technology, and practical dependability for your urban riding needs. Jump aboard with the assurance that daily maintenance needs are minimal, and reliable service support is right there when you need it.

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