TENWAYS & Wheels 4 Life empowering those in need with free bicycles

TENWAYS & Wheels 4 Life empowering those in need with free bicycles

TENWAYS strongly believes that the best way to benefit people in need is to offer the right help. We're therefore so happy to support Wheels 4 Life, a charity which provides free bicycles to people who need a suitable, reliable means of transportation in developing countries.

Why give bicycles?

The gift of a bicycle to those in need can bring lasting and positive change to a life, and indeed can literally save lives. In many countries where Wheels 4 Life operates, such as Congo, Malawi, and Mozambique, the majority of people live in scattered villages connected by poorly constructed roads and can access no other form of mobility than their own feet. Daily life typically requires walking several kilometers to get the most basic of necessities such as food and water. The lack of available and efficient transportation options takes its toll on people's precious time and energy, and in turn, contributes to perpetual poverty. What's great about bicycles is that they are a mechanical tool that can make life freer and easier, but at the same time they can be simple enough to maintain and enjoy for the long term. The joy of biking is something universally understood around the globe, so we can really feel connected through pedal power.

So, what difference can a bike make?

One bicycle can:
✔ take four children to school;
✔ carry four times the load of a farmer's produce;
✔ allow healthcare workers to visit four times the number of remotely located patients;
✔ travel four times the distance, four times faster!

It's pretty clear to us that a bicycle is one of the most valuable gifts we can give people.

Why does this matter to us?

Although bicycles can be vehicles for adrenaline-boosting fun and exercise, as well as a greener way to get from A to B, for many people globally a bike is simply unaffordable. We found that, by supporting Wheels 4 Life, we would in turn support communities to truly conquer significant challenges and discover the joy and freedom a bike can provide – bringing positive change on two wheels!

Wheels 4 Life work to source locally produced bikes, using their knowledge and experience to negotiate firmly but fairly for the best price, including the costs of assembly and delivery. Working in this way helps, in turn, to benefit the local economy, positively impacting the lives of others besides those receiving the bikes.

At TENWAYS, we're determined to help change the world for the better, in all kinds of ways. As a sustainable, low-cost and fun way to get around, we firmly believe access to cycling should be available to as many people as possible!

From students to medical workers to farmers and more, Wheels 4 Life's work helps open up opportunities for a better life to people around the world, and we're proud to support that work with our donation. Check out some of the inspiring stories of those who've received bikes here.

Our continued effort to build a better world

Our ambition to change the world for the better isn't just a slogan, so we are taking the steps and doing our part to make it a reality.
By working together with Wheels 4 Life, we are providing new means of transportation for poor communities which do not have access to efficient mobilities.
Visit us here to read more about our commitment to the people and the planet, as well as the TENWAYS philosophy.  Do also take a look at Wheels 4 Life's website and explore their incredible charity projects.
If you also want to build a better world through a community of e-bikers and cycling lovers, it is time to take a step forward and become a Tenwayer.

TENWAYS is keen to share your attitude and lifestyle, and accompany you on your way to work, friends and families on your e-bikes. Please check out TENWAYS on our YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We are looking forward to exploring a fun journey with you!

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