Create lasting memories this Mother's Day

Create lasting memories this Mother's Day

Though we can all agree that one day is never enough to celebrate the first hero in our lives, Mother's Day is still a great opportunity to show our gratitude for the endless opportunities she has gifted us. This year, if you'd like to go beyond a rudimentary Mother's Day card or a simple gift, we've created a whole list of thoughtful actions you can take to help your mom really feel the love this Mother's Day. The best part? You can do all these things in one day with just a little planning.

Pampering with breakfast in bed

Serving up a delicious morning meal before your mom gets out of bed is one of the ultimate ways to express your love and appreciation. The secret ingredient to a perfect breakfast in bed isn't exotic ingredients or difficult recipes, but planning ahead! Decide on the perfect breakfast menu for your mom, and get everything ready at least one day before. You might need to find a way to hide that newly purchased breakfast tray, to give her a nice surprise!

Become her personal assistant

Since the day we were born, we've been high on our mother's to-do list. So on this special day, why not become her personal assistant and help tackle her to-do list? Be proactive - take a load of household chores off her shoulders, so that she can enjoy the simple pleasure of some unexpected leisure time. This could be as simple as cleaning the bathroom or running the vacuum cleaner around the house, or you could solve some lingering issues like a leaking faucet or a running toilet, so she can cross them off her to-do list.

Join her on a favorite masterclass

What's your mom's favorite hobby? With a little forward planning, you can surprise her this Mother's Day with a shared class doing something she loves – a great way to spend some quality time together! Whether her passion is gardening or flower arrangement, baking or painting, pottery or poetry, doing something creative together will spark special memories of the day, and you'll have something beautiful to take away at the end.

Make her a playlist

Everyone has at least a few top songs, and our moms are no different! Take the time to explore her favorite songs and artists, and build a special playlist to make the day's soundtrack all about her! Some say that the best way to give someone compliments is to appreciate their taste in music, and we could not agree more!

Make mom the star with a special interview

What better time to focus on your mom than Mother's Day? Most likely she has lots of stories to share, but just needs a pair of listening ears. Take this opportunity to get to know more about your mom, and you’ll be surprised to find out things you never knew before! A starting point for exploring her stories could be that special playlist you've built, that’s now playing in the background.  

Plan a family picnic

Whether out in a park or in the back garden, a picnic is a wonderful way to breathe in the fresh springtime air and spend some quality family time together, while enjoying some delicious treats! Surprise your mom with her favorite snacks and drinks, and make the picnic extra-special with a beautiful blanket.

Flip through a photo album together

To add a cherry on top of this special day, fantastic shared moments can be found when flipping through an old family album together, cherishing all the memories those snapshots bring up. If you don't have an album readily available, you can always visit a local photo studio or make a photobook online, and create a specially customized one for her to treasure.

Get set for Mother's Day together with TENWAYS

Preparing in advance is the key to making mom feel special, and on a TENWAYS e-bike it's super-easy to get around quickly to gather everything needed for a perfect Mother's Day, without tiring yourself out in the process! To celebrate mothers around the world, TENWAYS is offering 3X Rider Points on all orders placed at the Green Rider Club. The Rider Points can be redeemed as exclusive discount coupon for your next purchase! 

There is no time like the present. Write your to-do list, saddle up, and get ready preparing the most special day for the first hero in your life!


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