TENWAYS X Paris Internationale Art Expo, France

TENWAYS X Paris Internationale Art Expo, France


At TENWAYS we create our bikes to effortlessly and sustainably flow with our rider lifestyle interests such as fashion, art and sport. This brings us onto our next exciting TENWAYS update – our collaboration with the Paris Internationale art show! Paris has made impressive commitments to sustainability for urban living in recent years, especially its "Plan Vélo" with plans to be a safer, fully-cyclable city by 2026.

Culturally it has long been seen as the "city of art", with thriving artistic communities, and is home to some of the world's most famous art museums and galleries. So, with sustainability and art clearly embedded into the heart of this city in 2023, we began working with Paris Internationale (PI), a collegial initiative that supports new generations of talent, to blend these passions together by giving budding local artists the chance to showcase their own artistic flair by customizing our bikes for an exclusive art event!


Paris Internationale X TENWAYS: Parisian life fusions with green urban mobility

The Paris Internationale X TENWAYS show was a great success that took place from 18-22 Oct, it perfectly embodied the unique Parisian lifestyle while blending green urban mobility. It highlighted TENWAYS' high-quality bikes as great partners for stylish, individual rides through the city, while demonstrating our core philosophies of joy, diversity, community and sustainability. We design our urban bikes to be effortless, speedy and fun, for whatever commuting or leisure purpose. The event's theme was centred around PI being a place for exchange, discussion, discovery and experimentation, symbolizing how riders can experience the joys of e-biking with the diverse beauty of Paris and its galleries.


Meet the innovative professionals customizing our electric drives!

The exposition concept revolved around using five brilliant Paris-based artists magically bringing our bikes to life by putting their own artistic take on them, showing that e-bikes are not just a transport mode, but also a form of artistic expression. Let's briefly meet the artists that put an awesomely unique spin on our bikes, we can't wait to show them to you in our next blog post!

Firstly, there's @alireza.shojaian's amazing art focuses on fighting prejudice against LGBTQIA+ citizens while making space for non-heteronormative masculine identity, by drawing on West Asian history, today's context, and his own personal experiences.

@bondi_bianca whose spellbinding work revolves around the transformative nature of chemical reactions, including mostly salt water and other materials, driven from her passions of ecology and mystical science.

The fantastic artistic works of @picardomario are joyful paintings constructed by movement and vivid colors, sourcing inspiration from American expressionist abstraction, 90's pop culture and the urban environment.



@desiremohebzandi creates outstanding sculptural tapestries shaped by her Turkish background and cultural identity, based around different material and fabrication techniques.

@s.a.r.a.h.v.a.l.e.n.t.e mainly uses ultraviolet light in a captivating array of sculptures & paintings to show invisible or concealed parts of nature, to raise awareness about the planet. She painted our e-bike in UV with a vegetal take on it.



E-bikes designed to boost diverse lifestyles

At TENWAYS we carefully pick partners to support our core values of joy, diversity, community and sustainability, and we are delighted to have worked on this thrilling show with PI. We're proud to design elegantly streamlined e-bikes to help a wide range of diverse individuals to enjoy cycling with their personal lifestyle. Recently we showed our community how fashion aficionados benefited from our bikes at Milan and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks, and our latest Parisian show is no exception, where talented artists were able to awesomely express themselves and their talent on our rides!


Stay tuned for more TENWAYS cultural events

We strongly believe that with more artists and audiences taking part in cultural exchange, it makes our communities a better place with more creativity and vitality, helping all to live a healthier and better life. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates on the TENWAYS cultural calendar, next we will dig deeper into this Paris Internationale spectacle. Be ready to be amazed with creative TENWAYS displays full of surprises!

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