Meet CARGO ONE: Our Family Cargo E-bike That Does it All!

Meet CARGO ONE: Our Family Cargo E-bike That Does it All!

Embarking on our mission to innovate high quality e-bikes that are accessible to more riders, we're thrilled to introduce the newest member of our e-bike family, the Cargo One! It's carefully designed with attention to detail and quality, for busy families who need a trustworthy, multi-tasking partner that's ready to take on any activity. We've made it much more affordable than similar electric bikes in its category*, at just €4,999, without compromising on high performance components. Join us in exploring every detail of this exceptional ride!



Comfortable set-up for busy family schedules

CARGO ONE has been designed with a comfortable, versatile set-up for stress-free travel throughout the day. Its extra-large EPP cargo box holds up to 800 liters, making it perfect for many errands such as taking the kids to school, transporting large packages or taking longer trips out of town.



For maximum comfort and flexibility, it features a 50mm suspension front fork and Royalgel™ saddle for a luxurious ride that avoids surprises from tougher terrain.



The position of the rider can easily be changed to suit various heights and rider types, thanks to a two-point adjustable handlebar stem that can be adjusted from 0° to 90° angle & 0-100mm extra height.



CARGO ONE's smooth and intuitive Enviolo stepless gear hub changes gears easily when you need it, even when the bike is stationary, and its four-piston hydraulic disc brakes provide impressive stopping power, even when going downhill with maximum load capacity. This comfortable set-up gives you the freedom and support to keep up with your busy schedule, from regular errands to leisurely touring.


Reliable drive system for confident e-biking

This e-bike offers a truly powerful system that you can trust to take you around town, keeping you and your passengers as carefree as possible with smooth, safe performance. Its Bafang M600 mid-drive motor takes the weight off your shoulders with a powerful 80Nm of torque for confident climbing, even on urban inclines. This system harmonizes with a super durable and unwavering Gates CDX carbon belt that requires very little maintenance and is super-clean, meaning it won't get your clothes dirty, in contrast to traditional chains that tend to get a greasy build-up of dirt. This unstoppable drive system will help you give your best all day long.



Unmatched versatility for any purpose

CARGO ONE offers unrivalled versatility to help you get the job done. It's super easy to use, with simple but effective assembly, disassembly and load securing, saving you valuable time in your busy lifestyle. Its spacious cargo box has high walls and 2 child seats with 5-point seatbelts, giving you more peace of mind for safe journeys. We've designed ingenious features for effortless removal of the cargo box, which can be detached by simply unscrewing just 4 bolts, and the child seats and seatbelt can be removed by hand without the need for any tools.



This e-bike can be adapted to whatever you need it for; whether you want to ride cargo-free for commuting or need more space for errands, shopping or large packages, CARGO ONE has got you covered. It will easily transform for whatever purpose you need it.


Flagship design packed with amazing features for safe and fun riding

Its ergonomic design perfectly balances family safety and fun with style. There's no need to worry about cables or bulky components getting in the way when you're riding, everything is seamlessly integrated for streamlined convenience.

The CARGO ONE package includes

- 4 sleek box 'roof' covers, in black, green, mint and purple, to protect passengers and cargo from inclement weather such as rain or strong sunshine.

A soothing custom bell that alerts without alarming children or pets.

- Our very own EV lights that house a host of safety features with a fun twist! They're a standout in the market, with multiple functions. They act as daytime running lights for optimum visibility, and can be used for turn signaling with a simple touch of a button on the handlebar. Plus, every trip the lights set the mood for a fun ride by welcoming everyone before the journey begins!



CARGO ONE is a stylish e-bike that will delight the whole family and make the streets envious of its exciting visual appearance that's designed to make traveling a more thrilling experience, while keeping everyone safe from any road or weather complications. It's a bargain package for keeping you prepared as you do your very best for your loved ones.


Cargo One, a true multi-tasking marvel

From effortless school runs with the kids nestled securely in its spacious cargo box to turning pet-friendly shopping trips into joyous outings, this e-cargo bike adapts seamlessly to your diverse needs. Picture the convenience of effortlessly transporting oversized packages without a second thought. And when wanderlust calls, embark on extended journeys for fishing or camping, as the Cargo One's adaptability transforms any outing into an adventure. Cargo One will redefine the way you navigate and enjoy life's myriad scenarios.

We're sure that everyone can see for themselves the amazing value that CARGO ONE offers, it's available through our website for just €4,999. 

*models in this category are normally priced at €6,000-7,000.

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