Dive into Our Next-Generation, Smart E-Bike, the CGO009!

Dive into Our Next-Generation, Smart E-Bike, the CGO009!

At TENWAYS we are delighted to add a new tech-savvy member to our e-bike portfolio, CGO009! It's an exciting milestone for us as it's our first model to feature TENWAYS custom components, offering miles of style, technology and comfort with superior, cutting-edge design and componentry. We've made the CGO009 distinctively practical with a modular design that promises reliability and low maintenance, offering outstanding value for money for busy, trend-setting riders who appreciate the finer things in life.

Read on to find out how this next-generation smart city e-bike will impress with its user-friendly design and technical flair.


Effortless style and convenience that turns heads

The CGO009 has a delightfully chic profile and minimalist charm that will amaze riders with its stunning looks and ease of use. Its streamlined parallelogram frame has an elegantly beautiful paint finish, and sharp parallel lines that perfectly balance its extra wide anti-puncture and anti-shock wheels for a smooth ride. Concealed cables and bolts and an integrated rear light are also incorporated into the trendy, seamless design to simplify and enhance the riding experience.



Minimalist Dash Controls are integrated into the handlebars with a range of smart features to command bike functions & feedback. Designed with TENWAYS DNA for simple functionality, they're screenless controls that are accessible at the touch of a finger, allowing riders to keep their eyes on the road. They display battery level, assistance modes, assistance push, headlight on/off and fault codes, and also have a Bluetooth connection that allows the controls to be synchronized with your phone via the TENWAYS app. This e-bike takes convenience to new heights, helping riders feel their best as they cruise around town in style and ease!



Next generation e-bike technology

The CGO009's outstanding technology will help e-bikers stay on top of their game with unwavering agility and comfort.

Its drive system is a powerful force to be reckoned with:

  • Our own customised TENWAYS C9 motor will impress you with its high torque (45 Nm max.), instant acceleration and ability to remain discreet even at peak performance.
  • cgo009

        • The CGO009's Power Boost function is designed to handle acceleration and climbing with ease.
        • The unbeatable Gates CDN Carbon Belt Drive ensures reliable operation for thousands of kilometers. It's durable, long-lasting, extremely low-maintenance and mess-free, with no lubrication needed.
        • The highly intuitive torque sensor responds instantly for a natural, intuitive driving experience.
        • It has a top speed of 25km/h and a range of up to 85km.



            Smart Connect makes it our most intelligent, high-tech ride yet:

            • Smartphones easily attach to the handlebar stem and connect to the TENWAYS app for smart riding.
            • Includes smart notification features that give owners added peace of mind with real-time technology. Locate your bike easily at any time, and receive alerts if your bike is moved or jostled.



            Includes a portable battery for added flexibility:

            • Lightweight, compact design for easy removal and charging at home or in the office.
            • Can be locked into the frame of the CGO009 for added security.



            Ride high, with comfort

            Comfort is another outstanding benefit of this e-bike, and we've chosen top-quality components that make riding more luxurious and less stressful:

            - The Selle Royal saddle is a proven success story for our customers, used on other TENWAYS bikes and renowned for its cushioned comfort thanks to RoyalgelTM technology.

            - Hydraulic disc brakes give you total control when you need it, with reliable and effective braking power.

            - The CGO009 is perfectly equipped to take on any urban terrain, with 55mm wide tires that provide shock absorption and robust protection against any rough urban terrain.

            - Cruiser handlebars are designed to give riders a comfortable, upright riding position for better posture and visibility.

            - We also fit our own TENWAYS Mudguards to protect against severe weather conditions and keep riders in control as they ride.



            Is CGO009 the e-bike for you?

            The CGO009 is a fusion of streamlined technology, comfort and trendiness that's for savvy riders with fast-paced lifestyles! For those who prefer the best technology and gadgets to get them through their busy day with confidence and style, this is a no-brainer. With this ride there will be no unwelcome surprises, it's designed to maneuver smoothly across all types of urban terrain with smooth, relentless performance. This state-of-the-art electric bike offers a powerful and luxurious experience, with cutting-edge technology you can rely on for fun commuting and leisurely rides around town.


            Special CGO009 offer

            Our team is super excited to launch this next-generation city e-bike in our quest to innovate premium electric bikes to enhance the lifestyles of all types of riders! Available in Midnight Black, Olive Green and Ice Blue, the CGO009 retails for €2,399, but we're giving the first 100 orders a special early bird offer of €100 off and a limited-edition gift box! Act now to get the exclusive discount and the box online.

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