Why is an e-bike a must-have as energy costs rise?

Why is an e-bike a must-have as energy costs rise?

No doubt you've been reading the news lately, and are totally aware of the fact that energy prices are going up further and further – and this is on top of the historical highs seen since the start of 2022.

We know lots of people are investigating ways they can protect themselves against some of the effects of these price hikes and, for many, the seemingly simple business of getting from A to B is a big concern. The price of fuel is becoming a major headache for anyone regularly taking urban trips by car, and alternative means of transportation are at the top of many people's lists.

At TENWAYS, we want to help you through difficult times. In today's blog, we'll look at things through the eyes of a typical single-person household in Berlin as an example, to see why an e-bike is the go-to transportation choice for leading a positive and healthy life during a time of fluctuating energy costs.


Massive transportation cost savings

In an earlier blog post, we looked at all the ways an e-bike could save you money. At the top of the list was, as you might expect, the potential savings in fuel that can be made by switching from car to bike – up to €1,700 a year at the time of writing.

And what happens if you drive a car and arrive at your destination? You need to park, of course – and that will cost you! In our Berlin example, city-center parking costs €3 an hour, which adds up substantially if that is a part of the cost of your daily commute!

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Save on charging and running costs

Some might say that an electric car or scooter would be the perfect solution, too. However, when you compare the costs of charging an electric vehicle to keep it in a ready-to-roll state, and how much it costs to run in daily use, the e-bike reaches the champion's podium.

Electric vehicles (including cars, scooters, and e-bikes) can be assessed using a figure which calculates energy per km. We'll talk here in general terms about average figures – as you'll know, there is a huge range of vehicles to choose from which will all have their own levels of energy-per-km efficiency, but the figures we show here are representative on the whole.

An electric car uses, on average, 0.2 kilowatt hours (KWH) per km driven. In contrast, an e-bike's minimum has been reliably calculated at a staggering 2 KHW per 160 km ridden. To travel the same distance, an electric car would use 32 KHW – which of course would cost more in charging!


Compared to an electric scooter, an e-bike is much more versatile, as it uses a combination of electrical and human power, and so requires much less energy per km travelled. This is especially applicable with TENWAYS' e-bikes, as the torque sensor and clutched hub combine for a highly efficient delivery of power-assist to the rider. Our lightweight e-bikes can also be ridden with zero power assist quite easily, just like a regular bike, which is not always the case with some heavier, less streamlined e-bike choices. No one wants to be caught out with no charge, but thankfully an e-bike, unlike an e-scooter, can still be used in this circumstance!

Daily use of any vehicle has associated costs – an electric car will still need to pay for parking, and the maintenance costs for an electric car, while lower than for a regular car, will still be higher than for an e-bike – especially if that e-bike is a TENWAYS!


Embrace a positive lifestyle

Besides saving on commuting costs, an e-bike in your life will bring so much versatility – you'll soon wonder how you ever managed without it!

An e-bike is very convenient for running errands such as the weekly grocery shop, and TENWAYS e-bikes come with the option of rear carrier racks, compatible with mainstream pannier bags, meaning you can carry plenty of shopping.

It's a great way of getting exercise into your daily routine, but without totally exhausting you. If you wanted to challenge yourself a little, with a TENWAYS model simply taking off the power-assist will give you the experience of riding a regular bike.


An e-bike is a fantastic time-saver, transforming the commuting experience of lots of time stuck in a car in traffic, to one where you're able to bypass the queues and arrive at your destination refreshed. If you take the step of deciding to ditch the car altogether, you'll also be cutting out all the hassle of arranging tax, insurance, and expensive maintenance.

Most importantly of all, however, is the fun! A great, reliable e-bike brings you everything you love about cycling, with the added joy of feeling like you're riding with super-powered legs.


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