4 Tips on staying healthy and happy this Easter weekend

4 Tips on staying healthy and happy this Easter weekend

Just when we start to get active again with the extra Spring light and the days getting warmer, Easter looms up from nowhere and tempts us with some bonus down time and lots of chocolate treats! We all love those sweet chocolate eggs, but overindulge and they might not love us back. And it can be frustrating when we let the holidays pass us by without doing anything special. Today, we are sharing some fun tips to keep you mindful and moving, while enjoying the most out of your Easter holiday!

Have an Easter egg hunt!

Easter egg hunts are a classic, time-proven and traditional holiday activity for family and friends. The best part of it? It gets everyone moving! To create some joyful memories together, have each person decorate their own egg, and create a DIY Easter egg hunt! You could get even more creative and add a special egg that can be traded in for a prize! Even if your family or friends are not nearby, you can still get them involved by setting up a virtual egg hunt! Easter egg hunts usually finish with a bit of candy or chocolate for everyone, and you can always switch for vouchers, flower or vegetable seeds, or other small and sustainable gifts if you want to surprise your loved ones with something unexpected.

Build an Easter bunny

If you feel a bit tired from all that egg hunt excitement, why not get everyone together with creative craft projects? After all, resting is also an important part of taking care of your body and mind. To build your own Easter bunny, all you need is construction paper, paper balls, pom-poms, scissors, glue and lots of imagination! Host a bunny competition and let out your inner child, no tutorial needed! Make it extra environmentally friendly by sourcing plastic-free or recycled household materials.

Cook and have an Easter meal together

What better way to look after your health than making and eating a nutritious meal together? After all, Easter is about getting together and having good food! With the right type of fuel, you can find yourself performing better physically and mentally, setting yourself on the right path for long term health. As a general recommendation, vegetables, fibrous fruits and lean meat are all great options. And no need to feel guilty if you want to indulge in chocolate and treats for this special season. Life is all about balance, and you can always even things up with our next recommended activity.

Take your daily dose of exercise

One of the best things you can do for your overall fitness and happiness is still to get yourself your daily amount of exercise. Spring weather usually makes it easy to get out and about, and here's a handy list of activities you can do together:

● A brisk walk after lunch or dinner
● A badminton match in the open air
● A hiking session at your nearest natural beauty spot
● And the best of all, a group bike ride to break some sweat!

Due to different physical strengths, goals, and health conditions, group members may cycle at different speeds, and we've got the best type of bicycle to help the whole group stay together on the road: an e-bike!

Thanks to the different pedal-assist levels, each person can regulate the intensity of their motor boost, and stay at the same speed. With smooth support from electric drive, older riders or those with knee injuries can still join the cycling session. Even if you have small children, you can put them in a trailer and take them along with an e-bike!

We'd love to see our Tenwayers' Easter rides around the world, so don't forget to use #TenwaysEbike if you're sharing online.

Get started with our Easter offer

Like most things in life, the key to a healthy routine and enjoying life to the fullest is to get started right away! This Easter, TENWAYS is here to offer you a special treat for the season: free mudguards and a kickstand delivered for all e-bikes ordered! Plus, if you are from Austria, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands,  we are also offering stress-free, flexible payment options!

Our free accessories are only available while stocks last, so let's get started today and hop to the offer!

TENWAYS is keen to share your attitude and lifestyle, and accompany you on your way to work, friends and families on your e-bikes. Please check out TENWAYS on our YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We are looking forward to exploring a fun journey with you!

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