Is riding an e-bike cheating?

Is riding an e-bike cheating?

It's a question as old as e-bikes themselves. Is riding an e-bike considered cheating? Is it better to rely on pure leg power alone? Am I really a cyclist if I cruise up hills without breaking a sweat?

The hardcore riders among us may have a few choice words when it comes to a little touch of motorized assistance, but what does the average rider really think? Coincidentally, this very topic recently saw a fair bit of traction in our very own Global TENWAYS community. Let's hear what the Tenwayers had to say… after all, they have first-hand experience!

Group member Andrew asked: "Is riding an electric cycle by a healthy and fit person shameful?"

Andrew is one of those TENWAYS community group members still undecided about buying an e-bike. Fortunately, plenty of seasoned Tenwayers were on hand to share their own perspectives!


Michael C.:

"To be honest it encourages you more to get out in the fresh air. There's no shame in a little assistance on trips out and it is still up to you how hard you want to work out on a TENWAYS CGO600. But I find it gives you more incentive to get out in the first place. I love it, most of us owners do."


Phoebe L.:

"E-bikes make you feel EFFORTLESS, I don't have to worry about "oh, am I going to finish the 10km?", "What if it gets too hot...". All you need to do is just get out there and ride, especially with the CGO600, it literally rides like a normal bike even if you turn PAS off, and when you get tired and decide to coast, you just turn the PAS back on.


I did find myself happier because of all the outdoor sunlight and green views I got exposed to. Now I have grown into the habit of checking where I am going, if the location is less than 10km away and takes less than 1 hour, I always bike there instead of taking other transport."


Inge K.:

"Nope, never! Vice versa! I recognized that I am MUCH more willing to ride my bike than ever before (with a normal bike). So, it is a win-win situation."


Paul M.:

"No, it's not. I am fit and healthy, my TENWAYS bike lets me ride further and with less strain on my body, so hopefully, I can carry on cycling for lots of years before I get too many aches and pains."


Adamo P.:

"There is a study that says that e-bikers actually exercise more because they utilize their bike more. No shame here."

Elias C.:

"If you notice, the use of an e-bike does not completely eliminate the effort. It is not a scooter or motorcycle. This is still a bicycle, but with assistance. Therefore, the effort is milder compared to a regular bike, but still present, especially going uphill. This makes riding more enjoyable in general."


Eduardo R.:

"People ride E-bikes for different reasons and not just because they are not fit:

- Some for commute with comfort

- Others to ride and explore the city without getting super tired

- Health issues

- Driving experience

- New trending culture

- Cost reduction"


Plus, plenty of people simply said "NO!".


What we think

Well, the community has covered quite a lot of what we were planning for this blog post! It's absolutely true that there is sometimes a little bit of stigma surrounding e-bikes, but that attitude is changing fast as more and more people try them for themselves. The truth is, no one says driving a car to work is lazy, so how could riding an e-bike be considered lazy in comparison?


E-bikes open the door to a whole new style of travel. Fresh air, reduced traffic, environmental responsibility, and FUN! Oftentimes, an e-bike can be the very thing to persuade someone to reconnect with the childhood joy of riding after many years out of the saddle. It's one of our favourite things to see.

Plus, e- bikes can help those with injuries, long commutes, or, in a later stage of life, travel on two wheels without stress. It's all about getting into the saddle and enjoying green mobility for yourself. As many have said before us, who cares if you're getting a little boost on a hill or two? Life is for living, not worrying about who thinks you're cheating.


And to those still not convinced… both the CGO600 and CGO800S can be ridden just like a regular bicycle with no assistance at all. We promise we won't tell if you turn on the PAS eventually.


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