How e-bikes are changing the world in 2022?
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How e-bikes are changing the world in 2022?

At the start of 2022, we shared our top 6 reasons to get an e-bike and many TENWAYS fans took up the challenge of switching to a life on two wheels. Riders and observers across the globe may be wondering, is this switch having an impact? Well lucky you, that's the topic of this blog! We'll be covering personal, environmental, and community changes, all thanks to the power of e-bikes.


A new standard for work-life balance

When we discuss working in 2022 there's one thing that's for sure, a lot has changed. The pandemic completely shifted the way many people work, bringing about a working-from-home revolution and a new appreciation for a good work-life balance.

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While our bikes have many applications, most of the time when we imagine a Tenwayer, we envision them on their daily journey to work or similar – essentially, commuting! Those hours travelling to the office and back add up fast, and e-bikes offer a welcome break from the monotony of the metro. In a rather shocking study from the UWE, it was revealed that every extra minute of commuting time reduces both job satisfaction and leisure time satisfaction, increases strain, and worsens mental health; 20 minutes more of commuting to and from work every day had the same impact on job satisfaction as a 19% pay-cut! Cutting down that travelling time using an e-bike can not only let you spend more time doing the things you love, but will improve how you feel while doing them too.

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On a more positive note, studies show e-biking to be a fun way to commute and our own riders agree; Maarten shared, "I go to work with this beauty [CGO800S] every chance I get." So even if you've got to take on those dreaded extra 20 minutes, you can still arrive at your destination with a smile. Cyclists are the happiest commuters!


Cutting carbon, two wheels at a time

A big topic around e-bikes is their carbon reduction potential; check out our previous blog, How to reduce your carbon footprint with an e-bike. In many cases, thanks to the reduced effort level of e-bike commuting, riders are hopping into the saddle for the first time or taking on longer distances without a car. In fact, recent research estimates that e-bikes have the potential to reduce car CO2 emissions by 24.4 million tonnes per year in England alone! Further modelling in Portland, US found that an individual e-bike could provide an average CO2 reduction of 225kg per year.


Considering the current bike boom, Tenwayers can rest assured knowing that their personal contribution to reducing greenhouse gases is part of a much larger electric revolution!


Staying healthy with e-bikes

Despite the naysayers, its now widely confirmed that riding an e-bike is NOT cheating and is absolutely a healthy and fun way to get around your local area. While it was found that e-bike users burned 30% fewer calories than conventional cyclists, this isn't the comparison point that riders should focus on. Instead, consider how many calories are burnt when driving a car (150-250 per hour); e-biking absolutely smashes that total!

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Researchers in the field of e-bikes constantly highlight one specific point - when bicycling is made easier and more enjoyable, courtesy of pedal assist, it's more likely to become a part of people's everyday lifestyle. By becoming a habit, rather than an occasional outing, e-bikes hold the potential to overtake regular cycling for health benefits by lending themselves to consistency.


Energizing the cycling community 

Community has always been one of our core values, and we're proud to be giving the gift of green mobility to those who may be unable to use a regular bicycle. Be it due to age, disability, or other factors, the e-bike market shows us how technology can unlock mobility options for more people.

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New stats from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment has shown that almost half of Dutch riders in higher age categories are utilizing an e-bike. Moving around your city shouldn't be painful, and easing the strain on joints and muscles with a little electric assistance greatly extends an individual's ability to cycle. Check out what some of our mature riders have been saying about their e-bike experience, here.


Green brands with green goals

It's not just e-bikes and their riders making an impact, some brands place real value in giving back to communities and the planet. Supporting brands such as TENWAYS, whose team is committed to mindful production and long-term green-initiative support, ensures that your money isn't just going toward an amazing product, but back to the things that make our planet tick.

Since we launched into the cycling scene, TENWAYS is proud to have maintained a close partnership with Just One Tree and supported an incredible community initiative through Wheels 4 Life.

If you'd like to learn more about our work with these companies, check out our sustainability page, Just One Tree update blog, and Wheels 4 Life project summary.

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