European e-bike subsidies – The rundown
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European e-bike subsidies – The rundown

Are you thinking of adding an e-bike to your life in 2023? A large purchase is always a little daunting, but did you know that many European countries offer their residents a financial incentive to make the switch to green mobility? In this blog, we'll be covering some key policies that could help you hop into the saddle for a reduced price.

We'll be highlighting national and regional schemes, plus directing you to some key resources that will help you find any local support policies. Read on to see if you qualify.


Applying for e-bike subsidies:

To benefit from European subsidy schemes you may have to provide specific documentation such as an invoice, or TENWAYS' certificate of conformity. Our team is happy to assist you in obtaining these documents - please contact our support team directly at if you require any help.

If you are based in the US, please also kindly subscribe to our newsletter, as our guide for e-bike subsidies in the US is coming up soon!



National Schemes:

Bonus vélo - Residents of France can claim €300 or €400 in support towards the purchase of an e-bike if they fall below the eligibility thresholds of €6,358 and €14,089 ‘revenu fiscal de référence par part inférieur' respectively.

Note that this threshold is higher than the offering in 2022, so if you weren't eligible last year, you may be now! This can also be combined with France's conversion bonus policy if you're thinking of completely ditching your car.

Regional Schemes:

Île-de-France – In this region, any resident can receive 50% off the purchase price for any new e-bike up to a maximum of €500.

Corse and Occitanie – In these regions, aid is available to residents making in-person purchases. Unfortunately, this is not applicable to TENWAYS e-bikes currently.

Local Schemes:

In France, there are a range of local schemes to assist in the purchase of an e-bike. To review these schemes, as well as those at a national or regional level, check out the ECF database for e-bike subsidies in France.




National & Regional Schemes:

Currently, there are no schemes in place for individual residents of Germany at this level, however, there are several subsidies aimed at businesses and associations. Anyone fancy a TENWAYS fleet?

Local Schemes:

Some local schemes are ongoing in Germany, such as those running in Aschheim, Grünwald, Heidelberg, and Ismaning. If you are excluded from these specific locations, we recommend checking the ECF database for Germany to spot any upcoming subsidy schemes in your area.

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National Schemes:

There are currently no national subsidies in Italy. Though, a previous €5,000,000 scheme saw large success in the country.

Regional Schemes:

Friuli-Venezia Giulia – For the purchase of an e-bike, residents may receive a contribution of 30% of the purchase price, including VAT, up to a maximum of €300.

Local Schemes:

In Italy, there are a range of local schemes to assist in the purchase of an e-bike. To review these schemes, as well as those at a national or regional level, check out the ECF database for e-bike subsidies in Italy.

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The Netherlands:

National, Regional, & Local Schemes:

There are no e-bike subsidy schemes currently running in the Netherlands, but keep an eye on the country's EFC database, here.

Other incentives do exist such as mileage allowance for cyclists: employers may pay cyclists a (tax-free) mileage allowance of up to EUR 0.19 a kilometre, the same rate available to staff who travel to work by car.




National Schemes:

There's no doubt that Portugal is keen to drive up bicycle use - at the end of 2022, it became the first EU country to reduce the VAT rate on all bicycle purchases. In terms of subsidies, at the national level The Environmental Fund is wide ranging, offering incentives to individuals and businesses for multiple environmental purchases or actions. When it comes to e-bikes, residents may receive aid up to 50% of the purchase price of the vehicle, including VAT, to a maximum of €500. This policy is currently limited to 4,550 individuals, so act fast!

Regional & Local Schemes:

In Portugal, there are limited regional and local schemes to assist in the purchase of an e-bike. Some previous schemes have now ended (such as the PRIME-incentive program, in Madeira); for residents of Castelo Branco, an ongoing scheme offers €350 towards the purchase of e-bikes. Keep an eye out for any new additions or relaunches to regional and local schemes by visiting the ECF database for e-bike subsidies in Portugal.




National Schemes:

There are currently no national schemes running in Spain.

Regional Schemes:

Community of Madrid – Individuals can receive aid up to 50% of the purchase price for an e-bike to a maximum of €600, not including tax or accessories. The Aid for Zero Emission Mobility program also offers subsidies for other electric vehicle types.

Local Schemes:

In Spain, there are currently limited local schemes to assist in the purchase of an e-bike; however, past schemes at a regional and local level have shown enthusiasm for green mobility. Keep an eye on the ECF database for subsidies in Spain to catch any new offerings.


Other Countries:

Didn't see your home country on our list? Don't worry, there are many options outside of those we've highlighted today. To view a database of subsidies in your country, visit the ECF database and select the desired location in the ‘Select a country' option box.

Additionally, you can visit your local government's website for information on regulations and e-bike subsidies or use key search words such as ‘electric bike subsidy grants' in your local language for best results.



Europe is an epicentre of the growing sustainable-mobility movement, and so, it makes sense that many governments want to assist their constituents in getting on-board. The landscape of policy and subsidy is constantly developing, so, if you don't see any support in your region right now, there may be some in the near future!

If you're lucky enough to qualify for an e-bike subsidy today, take advantage now and explore the TENWAYS range!

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