E-Bike etiquette: how to become a savvy rider

E-Bike etiquette: how to become a savvy rider

As the popularity of e-bikes keeps growing, it's important to establish some widely understood ground rules for making sure there's a harmonious experience for everyone on the road! E-bikes will always be sharing cycle lanes or road space with other users, whether that's pedestrians, riders of traditional bikes, or cars and other motor vehicles.  

If you're a new member of the e-biking community, these handy tips will help you to get the most out of your rides safely and amiably. Wishing you happy cycling! 

Get to know your e-bike

First things first – before heading out on the open road, make sure you're totally familiar with how your e-bike works. Read the manual, and acquaint yourself with all the fundamentals such as how to shift between the assistance levels, turn the lights on, check the battery level, and so on. This will give you the baseline confidence you need to take to the streets. 


A good habit to develop is giving your bike a quick check-over before hopping onto the saddle. Wear-and-tear items such as tires, brakes and drive train should be regularly checked, and only take a few moments to inspect before heading off. Find out more about planning ahead for e-bike trips here.  

Courtesy counts

As when riding a regular bicycle, courtesy towards other road users is a must. Whether your commute is on the road, in the cycle lane, or on shared-use paths with other users such as pedestrians, being respectful of others is a key part of being a savvy e-biker. Remember that your traveling speed may be higher than what you're accustomed to if you're more used to traditional bikes, so look ahead to anticipate potential hazards and be ready to slow down when necessary. Pass others only when it's safe to do so, leaving plenty of room, and it's a great idea to use the bell when passing to alert others to your presence. Being kind and mindful of others will make you a great ambassador for the e-biking community! 


Read the rule book

Rules for riding e-bikes vary from country to country, and sometimes are even different between cities and regions in the same country! Do a little research into any local laws that could apply to you as an e-biker – these might include the maximum speed, the minimum age of any riders, restrictions on where you can or can't ride, and more. Get acquainted with the rules, and you'll have peace of mind for the journey ahead


Be savvy, be seen

A savvy rider is a visible rider! Making yourself stand out helps other users of the road or path be aware of your presence, allowing them to adjust their actions as needed. Hi-vis clothing and accessories are a go-to solution for helping riders be seen, and bike lights are a must. E-bike lights are often powered by the bike's battery, meaning that you shouldn't need to worry about remembering to charge a set of removable lights. When it comes to lights with a little something extra, the TENWAYS CGO800S includes rear flashing indicators – even more visibility! 


Stay alert

If you're a rider who's transitioning from a traditional cycle to an e-bike, the extra speed boost may come as a little bit of a surprise. This can also be true for other users of the road, so it's a priority that you stay alert to potential hazards. Drivers of motorized vehicles may see you on a bike and underestimate your capacity for speed – so take extra care at junctions, where car drivers might be turning.  


Don't forget to have fun

Joining the e-biking community opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and heaps of fun with it! There's a fantastic group of Tenwayers in our Facebook Community Page, all ready to share their own savvy-biking tips, as well as all the adventures enjoyed on two TENWAYS wheels. Join in to share your own experiences and meet like-minded folk! 

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