Cycling in the summer heat: Our 5 tips to help you stay cool
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Cycling in the summer heat: Our 5 tips to help you stay cool

Summer is in full swing, and nothing feels better than getting out of the house and into the sun. Exploring your local area with a TENWAYS e-bike lets you enjoy the weather, with the added bonus of an ultra-smooth riding experience. But with some of the crazy heatwave we've been experiencing globally, it's important to think ahead and make sure you're fully prepared to ride.

To help you get ready for some blissful summer cycling, here are our 5 top tips for riding safely in the summer heat.


Timing is everything

Generally, the day becomes the hottest between 12:00 and 15:00, this is also the time where UV levels are at their highest. To prevent getting caught out, avoid riding during these times. Instead, opt for an early morning wake-up ride, or a cool afternoon adventure. You'll still experience that summer vibe we've all been waiting for, but without the stifling heat.

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Dress for success

We wouldn't usually tell you what to wear, but when it comes to summer riding, there are a few rules that'll help your outfit to maximize your riding potential. It's all about breathable fabric, loose-fitting clothes, and light colors. Maybe it's time to dig out that old, oversized t-shirt!

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Likewise, the contents of your bag are just as important; leave all the unnecessary extras at home to lighten your load. But of course, make sure you pack and apply sun cream to avoid catching too many rays – give the back of your neck some extra attention.


Stay hydrated

It's good practice to always carry a water bottle while cycling, especially in summer. Drink little and often; you'll be surprised how much you can drink on a single trip! Plus, if you feel overheated, just pour the water over your head at the end of the ride. Don't forget that drinks with electrolytes will help you to recover those lost while sweating, so an energy drink here or there can help you meet those fitness and hydration goals.

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To help our Tenwayers stay hydrated, we have recently introduced the TENWAYS insulated water bottle as an exclusive reward at the Green Rider Club. The bottle is made from 100% recyclable materials and can help to keep your drink cool on hot days. If you are already a member of the club, just trade in your rider points for a dedicated coupon, and you will be able to get the new TENWAYS bottle.


Consider switching route

We all have our favourite cycling routes, however, when temperatures are soaring, there are a few things to consider.

Does your route have sufficient shade cover? This is something we highly recommend checking, think woodland paths and covered walkways.

Is there a way to cut off a few kilometres? Why not take a shorter route, and experience the joy of riding without complete exhaustion?

Which road surface will you be riding on? In extreme circumstances tarmac surfaces can melt, leaving the road slippery. During heatwaves, best to avoid these road surfaces.

Athelete and arctic blue CGO600


Take a break

Sometimes it’s just too hot. We're firm believers in rest days, and if the temperature is so high that you're hesitating, why not just put your feet up? We promise your e-bike will still be around tomorrow! (Well, with our tips on getting the right bike lock.)

Beast on a bike and CGO600

We know you love cycling, especially with the buttery smooth TENWAYS CGO600 and CGO800S. However, when the temperature is simply too high, it might be a good idea to take a day off from your daily rides. If you do end up heading out, just ensure to be adequately prepared, the best cyclist is the safest cyclist.

On your days off, don't forget to also protect your e-bike by keeping it in the shade. Direct, prolonged sun exposure can be harmful to the battery. Read more in our blog on battery health.


Share the love

If you've been exploring by TENWAYS already this summer, why not share your rides with the Facebook Community Group? We and the Tenwayers family always love to see the fun you’re having!

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