CGO600 Pro: A Love Letter to Our Tenwayers

CGO600 Pro: A Love Letter to Our Tenwayers

By now, we're sure you've heard of the latest TENWAYS model, our Lightweight Champion, the CGO600 Pro. In today's blog, we're chatting with our product director Lynn to uncover the love and thought that went into creating CGO600's newest sibling.


Listening to your voices

Tenwayers who are active in our community group will know that our team is always listening to your feedback directly and finding out what our riders want to see next. As Lynn puts it, "The CGO 600 Pro is an innovative upgrade birthed by listening to the voices of TENWAYS fans. CGO600's success is due to its extreme lightness and silky-smooth ride. TENWAYS has been thinking about how to make the Pro even better while maintaining the CGO600's fan-favorite features."

TENWAYS ebike couple

Engineering a new TENWAYS experience

We know that individual riders have their own preferences, so in the CGO600 Pro, the team wanted to create an e-bike with additional versatility, plus, some upgraded technology that we've been working on behind the scenes. "After continuous polishing, the CGO 600 pro has indeed done just that, still a lightweight champion, still a top ride, now with awesome front light, comfortable adjustable handlebars, wider tires, and a portable battery."

Let's break down these alterations, and why we've pursued them:

1. Portable battery: New charging options unlocked! We hope that this change allows more riders to seamlessly integrate an e-bike into their life. Did we mention, the 360Wh battery has been manufactured with full-color coating for enhanced visual appeal?

CGO600 Pro ebike

2. New lights: We know riders love the look of integrated front lights for late-night riding, so, we developed an eye-catching new style. Not only will you stay safe on the road, but the sleek tech might just have you feeling like you're riding in Tron!

TENWAYS ebike sea

3. Adjustable handlebars: With an adaptable stem, we invite riders to switch up their riding position to find their most comfortable style.


4. Wider tires: When you're picking up speed, slim tires can give novice riders a spook; for the Pro edition, we've widened our standard tires to 40mm. This provides a little additional stability while maintaining a fun, sporty ride.



Of course, there are even more upgrades to discover, including aluminum mudguards, extended range, and fresh colorways, but we won't spoil all the surprises for you.

Always standing by your side

Lynn's final thoughts put it best, "The designers at TENWAYS have always had a dream and a quest to make riders enjoy the wind, to turn the process of getting to their destination into a beautiful experience, to forget the existence of the product itself, to forget the existence of the drive system, and to create a perfect companion for life!"

CGO600 Pro sea

We like to think that with the CGO600 Pro, we're closer to this goal than ever before. We hope you love our latest release as much as we do.

Don't forget, everyone joining the TENWAYS family receives a 2-year warranty from delivery date, plus, extended support and spare-part availability in subsequent years. Our customer support team responds, on average, in less than 24 hours, so that you can ride easy.

Sounds amazing, right? Also, don't forget that an early bird offer is going on, and will be gone very soon! Secure your CGO600 Pro today, and delivery will start in just 2 working days!

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