Celebrating World Bicycle Day with TENWAYS

Celebrating World Bicycle Day with TENWAYS

Amongst the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced daily lives, rising concerns about the environment, and the importance of scheduling an hour of exercise into overcrowded routines, there is one simple, affordable, and sustainable means of transportation that stands out – the bicycle. On June 3rd, we celebrate World Bicycle Day, a global initiative that not only promotes the numerous benefits of cycling but also aligns perfectly with the core values, mission, and vision of TENWAYS. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of World Bicycle Day, the many advantages of cycling, and how TENWAYS contributes to the world, making e-bikes more and more accessible.


Why is World Bicycle Day important?

World Bicycle Day, recognized by the United Nations, calls for action and highlights the importance of regular physical activity, including cycling, for individuals of all ages. Cycling offers a multitude of benefits, serving as a means of transport, exercise, and leisure. It reduces congestion, decreases emissions, and improves accessibility in urban areas. Additionally, it promotes physical and mental well-being, connecting us with nature and our surroundings.


TENWAYS feels strongly aligned with the values of World Bicycle Day, always seeking to contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable future by designing and manufacturing high-quality, affordable e-bikes. We also engage in exciting initiatives in our commitment to sustainability and better access to e-bikes, and cycling in general, for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

TENWAYS' commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of our operations. In partnership with Just One Tree, we actively battle climate change by planting a tree on behalf of every e-bike delivered. Over 2.4 tonnes of CO2 have been removed from the atmosphere through this partnership at the time of writing! It's a collaboration that not only helps create job opportunities for local communities but also lays the foundation for a more sustainable future. With TENWAYS, every ride you take contributes to a greener planet.



Supporting transformative programs

At TENWAYS, we believe in the importance of taking care of people. We recognise that reliable mobility is a luxury not everyone can afford, and so we are proud of our partnership with Wheels4Life. Established by former Mountain Bike World Champion, Hans Rey, Wheels4Life strives to offer transport solutions to individuals in developing nations who require bikes to access work, education, and essential healthcare services. The impact of a bicycle on a person’s life is immeasurable, it can positively influence their employment prospects, educational opportunities, and even access to medical care. A bike can be the transformative key that unlocks a world of possibilities. By providing bikes to those who need them most, we can help empower communities to conquer some of the significant challenges posed by their daily lives and enable individuals to experience the joy and freedom that a bike can bring. Together, we strive to make the joy of effortless, speedy, and eco-friendly transportation more accessible to all.



Let's change the future for the better

As we celebrate World Bicycle Day, let us embrace the spirit of this global movement and take action. Choose cycling as a means of transportation, exercise, and leisure. Experience the freedom, joy, and sense of community that comes with riding a bike. Join TENWAYS in our mission to actively contribute to a greener, healthier, and more inclusive future.

We're constantly looking for more things we can do that will make our world a better place, explore our impact here.

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