Buy or lease? What are the advantages of bike leasing?

Instead of a large investment, when you lease a bike through your employer you only have to pay small monthly installments that are conveniently deducted from your salary. Overall, you save a lot of money because insurance and service are already included. After 36 months, you can then choose a bike of the latest generation.

How does the “salary conversion” work?

As an employee, you forego a small portion of your monthly salary, which is converted into salary. During the 36-month leasing period, you will be given the company bike - also for private use. Since this is a non-cash payment, you only have to pay tax on the list price (RRP) according to the 0.25% rule and thus benefit from the monetary advantage.

Can I also use my BusinessBike privately?

Yes, you can use your BusinessBike whenever and however you want: for business or private purposes – or both. We hope you always use it!

How quickly can I get my dream bike?

Have you done the quick start in the BusinessBike portal? Then it's a breeze: If the bike shop has the bike in stock, you can take it with you straight away after it has been approved. Or you can arrange a pick-up date. In the real-time portal, you can complete the order in the shop using your pick-up pin - just by clicking.

What is a quick start?

Sounds like high speed – and rightly so! As soon as your company has defined the leasing conditions online, the employees can start: log in to the real-time portal, check the data, accept the transfer of use and off to the dealer. There is no quicker way to get the bike of your dreams!

What happens after 36 months?

When the leasing period is over, you don't have to buy the bike. BusinessBike can simply pick it up for you free of charge after 36 months - and you lease a new bike. This way you always ride the latest model that suits your life. At the best conditions. 

What if my company doesn’t offer BusinessBike?

The best thing to do is to talk about it today. Request information about recommending BusinessBike to your company without obligation here – as soon as your company has signed a free contract with BusinessBike, you can choose your dream bike!