AGO X vs. CGO009, have you met your perfect match?

AGO X vs. CGO009, have you met your perfect match?

Choosing the right e-bike model can be daunting, especially when two options, AGO X and CGO009, offer impressive features at identical price points. To help you make an informed decision, we'll explore the differences and shared features of these two models, highlighting how each is best suited for its ideal uses.


Use scenarios and series

The CGO009 and AGO X serve different purposes, tailored to unique uses. The CGO009 is part of the city Smart Series, designed for urban terrain with an emphasis on comfort. It's perfect for daily commutes, offering a smooth ride on city streets. Conversely, the AGO X is a hybrid e-bike, built for tougher terrains and featuring a strong climbing ability. This makes it ideal for those who need a robust e-bike for varied and challenging routes. Both models have varying specs that tailor them to their ideal uses.


Motor and torque

One of the most significant differences between the CGO009 and AGO X lies in their motors and torque. The AGO X is equipped with a powerful Bafang M410 mid-drive motor, delivering 80Nm of torque. This makes it highly capable on steep and rough paths, providing a natural pedalling sensation and working synergistically with the rider. It's also off-road compatible, making it perfect for those who need a robust e-bike for challenging routes.


In contrast, the CGO009 features the first TENWAYS hub motor with 45Nm of torque and 250W of power. While less powerful than the AGO X, it's the strongest among all CGO models. Additionally, this model is also equipped with a boost feature, made for increasing the motor's power on-demand when travelling, ideal for power boosts on hills. The consistent power and acceleration make it ideal for city riding, where the terrain is generally flat with occasional hills.


Drive train

The AGO X features a Shimano 10-speed drivetrain with a chain, enhancing its climbing prowess and adaptability to different terrains. This setup allows for more control over effort and speed, especially useful on varied terrains and hills.

The CGO009, on the other hand, employs a single-speed drivetrain with a Gates CDN carbon belt. This system is quieter, requires less maintenance, and is ideal for the smoother surfaces of urban roads. It offers durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance operation, making the CGO009 a reliable city commuter.


Seat position and frame

Ergonomics play a crucial role in rider comfort. Both these models place comfort at the forefront, but their seat positions and frame designs differ significantly. The CGO009 offers a more upright seat position thanks to its frame geometry and cruiser handlebar, providing better visibility and a comfortable upright posture, suitable for long city rides. Its larger frame size also makes it ideal for taller riders.

The AGO X, with a riser handlebar, promotes a sportier riding posture, minimizing pressure on the hands and arms during dynamic and varied riding conditions. This design is perfect for those who prefer a more aggressive riding style and need an e-bike that can handle a range of terrains.


Smart connect module

The CGO009 stands out with its high-tech features, including the Smart Connect Module with GPS functionality. This technology enhances security, allowing you to trace your e-bike wherever it may be. As TENWAYS' first smart e-bike, the CGO009 offers a technologically advanced riding experience unmatched by other models in our range.


Front fork

The AGO X comes with an SR SUNTOUR lockout fork, ensuring a smooth ride on both rough off-road and flat roads. This shock-absorbing feature guarantees comfort regardless of the terrain. In contrast, the CGO009 is equipped with a 6061 Aluminium Front Fork without suspension, making it ideal for road biking on smooth concrete and tarmac. This design choice enhances the bike's suitability for urban environments where roads are generally well-maintained.


Other differences

Other differences include tire types, display features, weight, and range. These variations contribute to their overall performance and suitability for different riders. For a more detailed comparison, you can visit our comparison page.


Shared features

Despite their differences, the CGO009 and AGO X share several features that reflect TENWAYS' commitment to quality and performance. Both models ensure a reliable and enjoyable riding experience, incorporating robust builds, user-friendly designs, and efficient electric assistance. Common features include Selle Royal saddles for comfort and hydraulic disc brakes for safety. Their stylish yet minimalist designs use high-quality components, inspiring you to conquer the roads.



Choosing between the CGO009 and AGO X ultimately boils down to your specific riding needs. If you're navigating city streets and seeking comfort with smart features, the CGO009 is your best bet. However, if you need an e-bike that can conquer tough terrains with powerful performance, the AGO X will be your reliable companion. It's important to pick an e-bike that suits your lifestyle!

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