Does AGO X need daily maintenance?

Inspection and maintenance are very important for the safety and service life of your e-bike. You should check the condition of the brakes, tires, handlebar, and rims regularly. In addition to daily checks, it is recommended to go to a professional bike store for maintenance 2-3 times a quarter, or after every 1,000 km of riding. The following items should be checked/performed during such maintenance:

▪ Performance of the hydraulic brakes.
▪ The fastening and status of screws, especially those between the discs and bottom bracket, and in key parts.
▪ Degree of wear of the front fork parts.
▪ Degree of wear of the chain wheel, freewheel, and chain.
▪ Degree of wear of the front hub bearings.
▪ Degree of wear of the pedal axles.
▪ Lubrication of internal pivots, to ensure the smoothness of pivots in chain wheel, freewheel, front fork parts, front hub bearings, bottom bracket, pedals, and other parts.
▪ Degree of wear of the tires.
▪ The fastening condition of the battery, controller, motor, odometer, and other electronic control parts.