TENWAYS e-bike shines in the new movie 'Black Lotus'

TENWAYS e-bike shines in the new movie 'Black Lotus'

The recently released international action movie Black Lotus is partly situated in Amsterdam. In the city that is known as the bicycle capital of the world, it makes sense that a spectacular chase scene features a bicycle. When special forces veteran Matteo Donner notices the kidnapping of his best friend's daughter, he immediately sets out in pursuit on an e-bike. The lightweight champion TENWAYS CGO600 e-bike has been carefully cast for this supporting role.

In a spectacular chase across the famous Amsterdam's canals Donner is slaloming smoothly among the crowd. On his e-bike he manages to gain enough speed to track down the kidnappers. For the e-bike chase scene, the Dutch actor Rico Verhoeven – world champion kickboxing and measuring a whopping 1.97 meter and weighing 121 kg – had to move quickly through the traffic. In addition to speed, agility and stability are needed to overtake his opponent on the narrow canals.



Perfect e-bike

During the preparation of the movie, the director and the producer set out to find the perfect e-bike for this scene. After extensive consultation and a careful selection process, the TENWAYS e-bike turned out to be the best choice. Based on its smooth riding style, the CGO600 was the best-choice to weave through the streets. That's why TENWAYS co-stars in Black Lotus.



Moving fast and smoothly

The TENWAYS CGO600 e-bike is designed to add speed and fun to all rides. It is a lightweight yet powerful e-bike with unparalleled acceleration and agility. This e-bike will get you to your destination safely and comfortably under most extreme conditions. It is specially designed with uneven city streets and canals in mind. With its powerful and silent electric motor everybody can move fast and smoothly through city traffic. All the more when you're in a bike chase that could make the difference between life and death.



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